Do game engine changes work?


We've been making quite a few changes to the game engine recently, and I'd like to share their results.

Our players' opinion on updates are very important to us, so we invite you to share your opinion in the comments about the impact of randomness on the game.

Do game engine changes work?

BasketPulse blocksMore blocks

After the match engine update, the amount blocks increased significantly - teams had an average of 1.2 blocks per game, now - 3.3.

We are satisfied with this number and do not plan any further changes.


Basketpulse close-range shots

Less successful close-range shots

We reduced the chance of hitting from average and good situations from a close range. This resulted in an accuracy reduction from 66% to 55% in close-range shooting.

We are satisfied with this number and do not plan any further changes.

BasketPulse Tritaškiai


We've significantly increased the chance of deflecting the ball, especially when passing the ball to the low post. On average, the ball will be deflected almost four-fold more often than before. In the match engine simulations it happened an average of 14 times per game.


Basketpulse randomnessEffect of randomness

Randomness in the game is necessary to avoid 200-0 results. Some members of our community are annoyed by the effect of randomness on missed shots.

The greater the shot distance, the greater the influence of chance, which reaches its peak at every fourth lucky three-point (miss) hit. We could reduce the impact of randomness by increasing the influence of safeguards  - for example, if a player has hit 5/5 three-pointers, the chance of missing the sixth would be very high.

How would you like to see randomness factor in the game?
1. Do not change anything and leave as is.
2. Hide luck events in the game chronology.
3. Change the randomness by increasing the effect of safeguards.


1. Updated the behavior of the under-the-basket defense tactic. Using this tactic reduces the number of close shots by about 17% and increases the chance of deflecting the ball by when making a pass under the basket or shooting from a bad situation.
2. The influence of offensive IQ skill on game actions was significantly too high and had a negative impact on the performance of defensive tactics. We have reduced the impact of this skill and will monitor whether further changes are needed.
3. We have significantly increased the probability of deflecting the ball out, especially when using low post defense focus, focus against the opponent's best player in terms of points or skills, as well as point guards.


View the effects of updates on game actions.

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