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Franchise player Marcelijus Laurinkus

261 RT

Age: 22 y.

Height: 217 cm.

flag Dzolandas Youth

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Local name: Džolandas Youth
Manager: dwyane3
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M. Aron

Points: 22,2


L. Lian

Rebounds: 3,5


M. Aron

Assists: 3,4


Activity 2022-12-03 00:31
Country flag Lithuania
Federation Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Main team Dzolandas


Strongest in the game 1046 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in the Youth league 9 ( place in rankings)
RT average 180


Sponsor covers personnel's salaries up to 90 %
Players' salaries 91872 Eu
Amount of players' salaries covered by sponsors 75450 Eu
Overall wins/matches played 847/1231 69%
Season's wins/matches played 25/32 78%
Icon Player: Lampros Peppes (RT: 191)
-- 89 S 63 d.
Player transferred to Youth team
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Icon Player: Lampros Peppes (RT: 191)
-- 89 S 63 d.
Player changed team during limited market
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Icon Player: Vėjas Paurys (RT: 211)
-- 89 S 63 d.
Player transferred from Youth to Main team
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-- 89 S 44 d.
Defensive focus strategy analysis!
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nofixations The statement is talking about "You play offense focus on shooter because you have better shooters, not because your opponent plays defense focus low post"
People still need to review what offense tactics their opponents were using to choose the best defense tactic, but they don't need to bother their offense tactics depending on how their opponent defended. I'm not saying he is right but that's what the statement said. I have no idea what you are talking...
And the optimal way to defend offense focus shooter is to use defense focus shooter, same for low post. Again, I am not saying the tactics work correctly, but that's what they are supposed to be
-- 89 S 47 d.
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dwyane3, Maulė is play making, Hristov is shooter. -- 89 S 47 d.
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