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Franchise player Herkus Kalnietis

306 RT

Age: 29 y.

Height: 189 cm.

flag The Onions

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Local name: Cibuliai
Manager: a-ramune
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H. Kalnietis

Points: 13,6


H. Karalius

Rebounds: 4,8


K. Rakelis

Assists: 4,4


Activity 2024-06-24 22:44
Country flag Lithuania
Federation Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Short club name Onions (Onio)
Earlier managed club Cibuliai(Closed) (1 - 46 S)
Basketball school Onions Basketball school
Youth team The Onions Youth


Strongest in the game 385 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league 2 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league 14 ( place in rankings)
RT average 252
Fan club 480
Fan ranking 441 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league 23 ( place in rankings)
Image 6/7
Personnel's opinion 7/7


Weekly income from sponsors 60489 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries 181159 Eu
Trades restrictions' level 8 (History)
Trades done overall 1
Trades made this season 0
Overall wins/matches played 523/1068 49%
Season's wins/matches played 13/35 37%
Amount of borrowed players 21
Important! The fight against cheating
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Of course, we won't simply change back just because the community didn't like the update. Such changes were made for valid reasons, and we've already explained these reasons.

The community has offered numerous suggestions for solving these issues, but each suggestion would require investing significantly more resources, which we currently don't have.

My suggestion is to focus on what we can do in the future. Our ultimate goal is to minimize cheating, and our current actions may not suffice to achieve this.
-- 99 S 1 d.
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Really? All you have to do is buy credits and all the restrictions become meaningless. So we should call for what it is, as long as you pay you do whatever you want, that includes cheating, It doesn't solve the issue.

I have a better idea for you, just put a price behind account creation, same concept and "will solve all the problems in the game". No more cheaters and you will have a player base with people who put money in the game.
-- 99 S 1 d.
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The majority of our users have never purchased credits, so it's unlikely that cheaters who haven't bought credits will start just to cheat.

While some cheaters will likely persist, reducing the overall incidence of cheating will make detection and investigation easier.

As outlined in the article, these restrictions are just the first step. If they prove insufficient, we'll explore further measures. If necessary, I'm prepared to eliminate these features entirely.

Let's monitor how these restrictions change the situation and reassess after some time to determine if further steps are necessary
-- 99 S 1 d.
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Player: Fabrizio Maj (RT: 311)
-- 98 S 63 d.
Player from Drafts hired
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Icon Coach: Vaišvilas Kopūstas (RT: 70)
-- 98 S 63 d.
Coach changed team during limited market
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Icon Coach: Šarūnas Rainys (RT: 81)
-- 98 S 63 d.
Contract with coach extended
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Icon Player: Toni Galeão (RT: 234)
-- 98 S 63 d.
Contract with player extended
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