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Franchise player Dargaudas Jarašius

258 RT

Age: 25 y.

Height: 209 cm.

flag The Onions

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Local name: Cibuliai
Manager: a-ramune
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V. Milošas

Points: 13,1


D. Jarašius

Rebounds: 8,7


I. Kentas

Assists: 5,5


Activity 2019-11-12 23:34
Country flag Lithuania
Federation Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Short club name Onions (Onio)
Earlier managed club Cibuliai(Closed) (1 - 46 S)
Basketball school Onions Basketball school
Youth team The Onions


Strongest in the game 372 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league 5 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league 17 ( place in rankings)
RT average 229
Fan club 556
Fan ranking 355 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league 25 ( place in rankings)
Image 6/7
Personnel's opinion 6/7


Weekly income from sponsors 60203 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries 164545 Eu
Trades restrictions' level 7 (History)
Trades done overall 1
Trades made this season 0
Overall wins/matches played 792/1380 57%
Season's wins/matches played 18/46 39%
Amount of borrowed players 1 (Statistics)
Onions Icon Player: Vilius Grašius (RT: 237) -- 11-11
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a-ramune -- 10-29
We want to inform that the new design of player's page has been included into the game. We hope, you will like it!
Also, we want to get feedback: WHICH GAME'S PAGE is currently the WORST to use ON MOBILE PHONES. It will be priority to continue updating pages with the new design.
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P.S. Paėmiau blogą pavyzdį su rungtynių skiltimi, nes yra meniu "rungtynės", bet esmė pati mintis. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
a-ramune -- 11-07
Our current plan is to change the 'dots' element for displaying skills in mobile version and to make the whole page a bit more concise.
However, name, all the main information and skills won't fit in one screen. Therefore we want to find some way out for quick overviews (for example, printscreens). So far, our only idea is the mentioned additional button of 'player card'.

Removing unnecessary space in top of pages is also in our plans. We'll try to work on it in near future.

Stormtrooper, nice idea about personalized links in menu. However, I can imagine it working only for menu links (that 'Menu - Club' could open 'Club - Roster'). We'll save this idea but it won't be a priority at the moment.
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smaller dots? or instead of dots have a pentagon like in fifa games: -- (Translate) (Translate EN)