Why are players missing free throws?


I would like to share most important BasketPulse news and more information about free throws percentage in the game.

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Why are players missing free throws?

Recently, community members have been concerned about the free throw shooting percentage in the game. Is the worry justified?

BasketPulse skills
The better the skills - the better accuracy

The mid-range skill is directly related to free throw shooting percentage. For example, players with mid-range skill 1 have a 31% accuracy, skill 6 - 59%, skill 12 - 91%.

BasketPulse free throws
Is it realistic?

In the top league of our game WL1 - average free throw shooting percentage is 62%, while in NBA - 77%.

WL2 59%, Euroleague - 77%.

WL3 - 59%, Spanish ACB - 75%.

All these leagues in our game have a similar mid-range shooting skill of 6.

BasketPulse updates
What will we do next?

Free throw shooting percentage in the game is slightly different compared to corresponding real-world leagues. As a result, we have slightly increased the base free throw shooting percentage (especially for the players with bad skills) in a test engine that is live in national leagues. However, we have removed experience influence on free throw shooting. If the adjustments deem to be successful, they will be live on all games starting season 90.

IMPORTANT. In order to improve free throw shooting, we recommend improving the mid-range shooting skill of the players. Each skill upgrade results in about 5% better accuracy from the free throw line.

New article - detailed information about Free throws in the game
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andronikos FT update favors the teams that have trained the mid-range skill. If both teams playing each other have not done that, then they are both on the same page.
andriuss fungtys yes, currently there is quite a bit of uncertainty how the things work. We are analising the way defensive focus tactics work and we will share results with the community in a week.
-- 89 S 35 d.
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dwyane3 now team with 210-250 rt players can win teams with 300+ rt. Clever.. so let's train medium shot for the shots only :).. i think it's ridiculous. the more it changes the worse the game gets. -- 89 S 35 d.
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andronikos 210-250 vs 300 RT is a bit of an extreme example. RT has never been a single factor determining what team is stronger. Yes, they have more training points accumulated, on the other hand does it mean they are automatically better? -- 89 S 35 d.
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