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Franchise player Nikolaos Andronikos

294 RT

Age: 27 y.

Height: 190 cm.


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Local name: Ηρακλής Θεσσαλονίκης
Manager: andronikos
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W. Gan

Points: 14,5


B. Bao

Rebounds: 7,8


W. Gan

Assists: 3,3


Activity 2020-08-12 02:04
Country flag Greece
Federation Greek Bballzone National League
Short club name IRAKLIS (Ira)
Basketball school IRAKLIS Basketball school


Strongest in the game 54 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league 3 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league 9 ( place in rankings)
RT average 300
Fan club 1245
Fan ranking 68 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league 16 ( place in rankings)
Image 1/7
Personnel's opinion 6/7


Weekly income from sponsors 145625 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries 350385 Eu
Trades restrictions' level 6 (History)
Trades done overall 31
Trades made this season 0
Overall wins/matches played 307/541 57%
Season's wins/matches played 4/8 50%
Amount of borrowed players 9 (Statistics)
Candidate for National team manager: Greece U16
-- 08-10
I am running as candidate for position of the National team\'s manager
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Icon Player: Sheng Ban (RT: 214)
-- 08-09
The player accepted the contract, offered by your club
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there was but not as crazy as yours :) -- 08-10
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And many is near to me ;)... -- 08-10
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not that near, 33k nearest one, even 1WL whales did not dare to offer more than 18k :) -- 08-10
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Icon Player: Wo Xu (RT: 280)
-- 08-04
Player transferred to Youth team
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Icon Trade/Lending players: PAOK & IRAKLIS
-- 08-03
Team made a trade offer
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Trade has been reverted by the "Fair play" committee -- 08-03
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The Fair play committee decided that this trade is unfair and both teams were punished. -- 08-03
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How the Fair Play Committee members voted:
- volunteers voted "Revert and punish": 9
- volunteers voted "Revert": 1
- volunteers voted "Fair": 0

These reasons were chosen by the volunteers during voting:
3 - Suspicion of a trade with a team from the same IP (or the same user)

7 - Other reasons. Volunteers wrote explanations:
--- Both teams where forbidden to trade between them (user's IP were related)
--- Two teams were punished in season 72 and are not allowed to trade/lend/borrow due to similar IP
--- Both users (dmalios & andronikos) were punished by FPC in the past. One of the punishment were life-long ban from trading with IP-related teams.
--- Users were permanent ban from trading/lending/borrowing from similar IP
--- Both users where punished in Season 72. One of the punishments were permanent ban from trading/lending/borrowing from similar IP. Both teams are related as previously FPC has found out.
--- It is not allowed, trades between these teams due to previous rules violation.
-- 08-03
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Icon Player: Iordanis Zorbas (RT: 24)
-- 08-03
Club signed contract with scout's player
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