Match engine update

Match engine update

From the 89th season the new match engine will be used in all leagues of the BasketPulse.


We understand that the real tests begin only now and we expect some additional changes here.

However, the upcoming changes will be done firstly in the testing engine and only later in the main engine.  

So, the feedback is very welcome, especially about calibration - so that we don't have any tactics/skill that has too big of an impact for the final result. 


We planned to increase tiredness even more from the 90th season. However, we would like to make this change only if we have the possibility to update training as well. We hope to have the final decision (if tiredness will be changed for the 90th season or not) before the beginning of the limited market.


For those who were not active in testing, we would like to remind of the biggest changes of this update:

  • Increased tiredness, especially for older players. This means that teams that played with 7-8 players probably will need to have more.
  • Changes in shooting situations. It is a bit more difficult to create good shooting situations. Teams should change tactics in the new ME to let players take shots from worse situations compared to the previous ME.
  • Completely new attack flow, which reflects real basketball a lot more.
  • In addition to that, users now have new tactical settings.

Tiredness and improved shooting situation topics with more details are covered in the article:


The new tactical settings and the new attack flow was covered in the article:


We highly recommend reading these two articles again, as this information might help you understand the new ME a lot better.


Game's news: Match engine update
-- 88 S 61 d.
New match engine will be used in the game from the next season! We recommend reading all the available information - so that you would be as ready as possible for the upcoming season.
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Ar planuojama gražinti zonines gynybas į žaidimą? :D nes dabar toks jausmas, kad turint 5 žaidėjus su 12C starte ir nepataikius neivieno tritaškio per visą sezoną galima laimėt lygą. Kažkaip pries sistemą mes čia einam. Taip pat klausimas dėl dvigubų licenzijų, kodėl negalim tokio dalyko turėt žaidime? jeigu jau keliam nuovargį, tai kodėl negalime turėti 1-3 žaidėjų kurie žaistų su dvigubom licenzijom tiek Youth League tiek Pagrindinėj komandoje. -- 89 S 24 d.
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By the commentary, it looks like Muli never got the ball back after the Free Thows.
Even if no ball exchange was done after the inbound pass, at least it should read:
0:00 Muli
It doesn't

4Q 0:08 Muli Team is trying to stop the clock with tactical foul
4Q 0:07 Muli Tactical foul (5 f ): M. Kalichan
4Q 0:07 Gyva Foul against: K. Rymolaitis
4Q 0:07 Muli logotipas Substitution out (fouls' limit exceeded): M. Kalichan ( PG)
4Q 0:07 Muli logotipas Substitution in: A. Crocchiolo ( PG)
73:75 4Q 0:07 Gyva logotipas Free throw: K. Rymolaitis
73:76 4Q 0:07 Gyva logotipas Free throw: K. Rymolaitis
4Q 0:00 Gyva End of the period
-- 89 S 24 d.
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we don't know which player stole the ball, or if it was travelling or a pass out of bounds:

4Q 0:49 PDM Player rushes to organize an attack: M. Šavija
4Q 0:47 Muli Pressing gave its fruits - ball stolen
4Q 0:47 PDM logotipas Ball lost: M. Šavija
4Q 0:40 Muli Player consumes time and holds attack: R. Paguinto
-- 89 S 24 d.
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