​Match engine update


Match engine update

We would like to share with the community a bit more about this huge update.

Match engine (ME) is the place that had to be tested a lot. Previously we tried to do this with additional matches. But that way some bugs reached the final version.
So now for the first time we tried to use the testing match engine in all national leagues. This choice increased the amount of feedback significantly. What is the most important - getting feedback not only from TOP level teams but also from lower divisions. We plan to use this method in the future as well.

The initial idea was to start with a smaller ME update. Unfortunately, it was not possible as without bigger changes we were not able to fix bugs (such as fouled out players still playing).

Current version is very far from what we would like to see, so there is still a lot of work left. At the moment, we plan to continue fully working on ME during the 85th season and apply it to the whole game from the 87th season. 
But as we work with BasketPulse mostly on weekends and holidays that can be delayed even more if we do not manage to improve it significantly during the 85th season.

In the previous system tiredness was hugely dependent on tactics. That leads to situations when:
  • Even young players can be completely exhausted only after 20 min
  • Even old players can avoid tiredness after 40 minutes
Now tactical impact on tiredness is significantly reduced and the impact of age/minutes is significantly increased.
The previous version probably is more correct and logical if we talk about “one match”. But as we do not have random injuries and the same scenario can be the whole season - that leads to the possibility of using only 5 players the whole season and we needed to change that.
At some point we hope to have some sort of “long-term” tiredness as well as injuries. With such features we would be able to reduce tiredness in a single match again. But these are completely separate updates and we won't be able to work on such updates soon.

Eventually we want to see teams with 12-14 players, not 7-9 as we have now. Some of you definitely will argue that teams need more money, but actually they don't. If teams need more players to achieve better results - teams will use more players even with the current budgets - just players' prices and average team RT will become lower.

Shooting situation
That is the biggest change in the new match engine. And so far we spend most of our time with these changes. 

In the previous ME we have had a lot of logic inside the “shooting phase”. To understand better take a look at this example:
Player A is allowed to shoot only from good situations. He is in the position and taking a shot from an excellent situation. However his defender is defending tight and player A misses that shot.
That is NOT ok, because at the “shooting” stage tactics should not be important. If the player is free there is no matter what defender player or team tactical settings are.

So in the new match engine a lot of logic was moved inside: passing / 2v2 / isolation / driving / set-ups.  
And with that we need to re-balance almost everything.
So what we expect in the final version:
  • In a good shooting situation the percentage should be increased. So shooting free under the basket will almost always end with points. 
  • However, with that we needed to increase randomly missed shots from shooting outside. Best snipers sometimes will miss three (or distant two) point shots even being completely free.
  • As the percentage from good situations was significantly increased - we have to reduce chances to create such situations. In reality even great teams take a lot of difficult shots during the game. So teams should change tactics in the new ME to let players take shots from worse situations compared to previous ME.

Smarter players
We hope that with time players (especially with good IQ skills) will become smarter and will choose the right decision based on the opponent. For example, if you are defending a sniper who never does drive - he should be guarded from closer distance.
If a player drives unsuccessfully a few times - he might try passing instead of driving and so on.
Players that can do many things (for example, shoot from different ranges) should be able to create good situations a bit easier compared to players that can do only one thing on the court.

Attack flow
In the new ME we introduced new things such as “inbound pass”, “full court press” and so on. The attack flow becomes more realistic and we will have more ways to improve it in the upcoming ME updates.

Team tactics
So far we almost did not have time to work on this area. 
Our current tactical settings are really outdated. For example, teams never use zone defense the whole match long. Same with offense - majority of time, teams run a lot of set-plays to create shots for the best team players. Which leads to various possibilities to focus offense on. But at this moment we don`t know if we will have time to do bigger changes in this area right now. 
Eventually instead of current settings (team offense/defense) settings we would like to see more settings:
  • how team should defend on 2v2 situations
  • how often team should use zone defense (it will use man-to-man all the remaining time)
  • what players should focus defense on
  • what type of set-plays team should use (on three pointers / on big men / on guards / etc.)
  • how often team should use isolation
  • and so on.

Detailed chronology
One of the things that we would like to see - detailed chronology as much as possible. Chronology should help understand what and why is happening and give some suggestions about the needed changes for the team’s owner.

We hope that this article will help you understand what we are trying to achieve with the new match engine.

Detailed information about updates in the new Match engine, currently used in National league's matches
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Updated: Version: 2022-01-12-01

- Teams can substitute players only when the attack time is stopped (“dead ball” situation). Sometimes these periods are quite long and due to this reason players spend more time on the court than supposed to.
From this version substitution will work also before the free throws. So in case a second free throw is missed, players will be substituted before that.
In addition to that we created a new random event - cleaning the floor. With time we hope to create more different events, that stops the time and gives teams an opportunity to substitute players.

- A bit increased chances to go for a fast-break attack.
- Players who are in foul trouble use less defensive pressure to avoid fouling out. In many matches we see a lot of players with 4 fouls but almost none with 5 fouls. We reduced this effect for players. So from now players (without an important role) have higher chances to foul out.
- In some matches there was a situation where the team committed zero fouls (passive offense/loose defense). That is not OK as loose defense does not mean that players do not defend at all. From this version even players with loose defense will be able to pick fouls while defending, just a lower amount compared to other defenses.
- Reduced homecourt influence (special atmosphere in home arena related events does not change, however we completely removed non-visible home arena effect on players performance).
-- 01-12
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Best players could only enter at 0:05 seconds left :)
4Q 0:07 KSK Deflection - due to better player's skills: B. Dinçöz
4Q 0:05 KSK Player let the ball out of bounds: B. Dinçöz
4Q 0:05 KSK logotipas Substitution out: U. Karaman ( SG)
4Q 0:05 KSK logotipas Substitution out: B. Dinçöz ( SF)
4Q 0:05 KSK logotipas Best players are substituted in: Ç. Şahan ( SG)
4Q 0:05 KSK logotipas Best players are substituted in: L. Jurpalis ( SF)
4Q 0:05 Genc Missed 3PT shot: Y. Belaçmaz ( Bad situation)
Players skills' ratio: -4; Shot quality ratio: -1 Defender: P. Pupienis
4Q 0:04 Genc Offensive rebound: V. Konderauskas (Nearest opponent: K. Çiğ)
4Q 0:02 Genc Not risky pass: V. Konderauskas ( → Y. Belaçmaz)
4Q 0:02 Genc Blocked shot from close range: Y. Belaçmaz ( Average situation)
Players skills' ratio: -4; Shot quality ratio: -2 Defender: P. Pupienis
4Q 0:02 KSK Block: P. Pupienis
4Q 0:00 KSK End of the period
-- 01-19
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