Is the shooting accuracy realistic?


our community has expressed concern that shooting over 65% on two-pointers and over 40% on three-pointers is often too good to be true. How it actually is?

Why do players shoot so well?

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Close-range shots

In the top leagues in our game the average shooting percentage from close range is over 67%. Same shots in the NBA are hit with 60% accuracy, so the accuracy in the game surpasses reality. 95% shooting from good situations and 74% shooting from average situations stand out.

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Mid-range shots

WL5's average mid-range shooting skill of 7 is not significantly different from WL1's - 8.3. At the lower leagues, it's good enough for 44% accuracy, compared to 32% in WL1 and 40% in NBA. In the top leagues of our game 67% accuracy from good situations is way out of line with reality



BasketPulse TritaškiaiThree-point shots

In the highest leagues of the game, the average three-point shooting exceeds 40% and is slightly higher than in the NBA and the Euroleague (37 and 35%, respectively).

The biggest problem with shooting three-pointers is that the accuracy is almost independent of the situation - the accuracy from very difficult situations reaches 42%.

BasketPulse atnaujinimaiWhat have we changed?

Starting yesterday, we have significantly increased the impact of the shooting situation on hitting three-point shots in the test engine. After a week, we will review the latest statistics and decide whether further tweaks are necessary.

All game updates logs can be found in the game's Help page.


1. Slightly reduce close-range shooting accuracy (especially in good and average situations);
2. Slightly reduce hitting mid-range shots in good situations.

New article - info about shooting accuracy from various distance
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nofixations yes, I agree on that. We are currently analysing the effect of defensive focus tactics on the opponent's offence and we will share the data with the community next week.
barbabodom we have increased the amount of blocks slightly in the testing engine and we will see if it needs further adjustments. In addition, I will share more in-depth information about the shot contesting skill by Monday.
Thank you all for the help spotting these important bits so we can prioritise the adjustments rapidly. :)
-- 89 S 35 d.
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And I ask myself, why have we come to this? Was this necessary, it is an experiment in the endurance of users? -- 89 S 35 d.
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joancrumor I understand that the transition period is not easy and we are thankful for the patience and constructive feedback from our community. The game engine changes for made for several reasons:
1. The old match engine had a number of problems and we got criticised for the problems (i.e. 7 players were enough to win championships).
2. Some of the things that the new match engine is criticised have not been changed. For example, free-throw shooting has not been changed at all in the new match engine and free-throw shooting accuracy has been decreasing season-by-season due to constantly decreasing average of mid-range shooting skill.
3. Our community has voted for the new match engine to be our next priority in the game development.
4. We have ran the test engine for the last few seasons and the community could provide us with the feedback about it. We appreciate all the feedback we received in the previous seasons. However, the amount of feedback has way increased this season and we check the the main issues in a more efficient manner now, for example, we have increased free-throw shooting base and blocks slightly in the test engine and we will see if it need to be adjusted further.
Thank you very much for your patience again and I hope we can make our game better together.
-- 89 S 35 d.
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