​Match engine update roadmap


Match engine update roadmap

Probably a big part of the community is tired of having two different match engines in BasketPulse.
It is time to set the date when the new match engine will be used in all matches.

Season 88 - we still plan to fix small bugs or do small balancing updates according to your feedback. But nothing major.
Season 89 day 1 - the new match engine will be used in the whole game.
Season 90 day 1 - the tiredness will be increased by a few percentages.

After that we plan that our work with ME never stops and we will be constantly updating it.
We do not want to repeat the situation when ME is without changes for a few years even when everyone knows that it has some bugs or really bad parts.

If the community notices that some sort of skillsets/tactics works too good (or too bad), please give us the feedback!

In any case if the bigger updates are made - we will definitely give the community time to prepare and first test everything in the national leagues.

Plan of the new match engine full inclusion into the game
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- Bug fix: bad events sequence when isolation/pick&roll happened in the last seconds of attack (for example, missing rebound or time clock expiration events)

We still have an existing “player plays with 5 fouls” bug. Please pay attention to this situation and inform us when this happens. In order to fix it, we need more examples.

Today we return the possibility to play additional games with the testing engine.
Please make sure to set your tactics for all additional games (otherwise, in some cases that could lead to assigning players from the market automatically)

Gudrioji lape
This season we did not do any updates that affect how you select players (only minor bug fixes).
So the plan is still the same.
-- 88 S 51 d.
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It is not possible to play with this new engine, it is incomprehensible, Mr. Darius if you would be kind enough to explain how the skills of the players should be: the only thing that is noticeable is that the PG/SG have a great role, no matter the attack tactic used, in addition to committing a large number of fouls, no matter if it is bending, tight or normal -- 88 S 51 d.
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Matches And I add, with an internal attack, my 3-point shooters set in good shooting situation, my team tried 15 short shots, 6 average and 29 3-point shots; not forgetting that my three PG/SG fouled out, -- 88 S 51 d.
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