​Match engine update status (2022-04-03 11:57:44)


Match engine update status

We would like to share with the community the status of this huge update and what can be expected in the future. 

As you all noticed the progress is a lot slower than we wanted. We found out that working with such an update just in the evenings and weekends is almost impossible. While not all the weekends can be devoted to BasketPulse.

Now we try working on holidays. Darius took almost a two week vacation from his main job in March. Most of the time was spent working on this update.
Additional 1.5 week of “vacation” is planned at the end of April and if needed that time will be spent working on the new match engine.

The exact season of when the new match engine will be fully included into the game remains unclear. We want to have at least one full season with a stable new match engine in the national leagues before bringing it also into international leagues. There is still a lot of work left to do.

Recent ME updates (Version: 2022-04-03-01)
Bug fixes:

  • In some situations a player with 5 fouls remained in the game. We hope that we found this and fixed it, but we can't be sure. Please pay attention when you are playing against a team that has only ~6-7 players.
  • In the final seconds of quarters in most cases leaders should try to shoot from their favorite positions.

Balancing and small updates:
  • Reduced chances to get foul on steal attempt
  • In some matches the best players were let into the court too late. We fixed this with a “cleaning the floor” event. This event will appear ~4 minutes before the end of the game in situations when teams were not able to substitute players naturally. This does not sound logic, so in the future we plan to replace this event with “commercial timeout”

New tactics and bigger updates:
  • Team offence/defence tactics will not be used in the testing engine anymore. Instead we have Defence focus, Offence focus, Isolation, Early offence settings.

Changes that probably won’t be included into this version
We also discussed and want to have these tactical settings:
  • Zone defence 
  • Pick and roll defence 
  • Trap defence

But all these can be implemented in separate updates and probably it is time to draw a line and stop creating new things - just focus on balancing. So at the moment we do not plan to implement the above mentioned settings in the current version.

We are waiting for your feedback on these updates.
Please make sure that:

1. You give a link to the match
2. The match is simulated with the latest version (2022-04-03-01 or newer). You can find the match engine version in the match page.
3. Write what exactly is wrong and how you think it should be
4. Copy some events from chronology that shows the problem

Please avoid not related comments.

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 5.2 4.2 a-ramune -- Game's news: ​Match engine update status -- 04-03

News about the updated New Match Engine (used in the National leagues)! -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 5.2 4.2 Lietuwis -- 04-16
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Lithuania 2.2 3.3 a-darius -- 04-27
ME updates. Version: 2022-04-27-01:
- shot quality calibration while shooting from three points range
- a bit increased amount of fast breaks
- small fixes in substitutions.
-decreased chances of defensive foul during a drive to the basket for players with loose defense. Also decreased ability to defend in such situations.

Please pay attention to the tactical fouls at the end of the matches. There was one case when a player got more than 5 fouls and was not substituted. We did not manage to reproduce that bug, so we are not sure if we fixed it or not.
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Lithuania 2.1 1.1 evinelis -- 05-03
I set isolation often, 4 players set as a leader, there is none event with isolation. Maybe there I need to search something else not isolation for this tactics?
Also I set defense accent for leader by skills, but in chronology I can find only man to man defense. Does it working? or maybe there is something what I don't understand. Maybe there should be more info about new tactics?
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