Overview of 80th season (2021-04-11 23:20:34)


It is time for our traditional review of the last - 80th - season!

We are super happy to have one more growing community - Taiwan
And this wouldn’t have happened without the help from ak904, who translated the game into Traditional Chinese language and recommended the game in a few places.
ak904 has been included into the Hall of Fame for his great contribution to the development of the game. Thank you for all your help to BasketPulse! 

We also have a new episode of BasketPulse News, which is created by the community member darys. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPFhHuPyew

World league 1.1
Third season in a row we have the same teams in the final - the champion of the last two seasons Wǒ bù pa (我不怕) fought against the GOD team.
In a seven matches’ series Wǒ bù pa (我不怕) once again defended the strongest team`s title.
Both teams demonstrated excellent performance in  the past few seasons and it seems they plan to continue this in the future. 
In the series for bronze StalinPark fought against King Kinka 75. More experienced King Kinka 75 team won the bronze medals in a 5 matches’ series.

1. Wǒ bù pa (我不怕). Managed by: YAOQINWEI
2. GOD. Managed by: GOD神
3. King Kinka 75. Managed by: Mirza

National U18
This season's tournament ended without big surprises - the four strongest teams fought for the medals. In the final, by a huge 21 points difference Lithuania won against China. 
Tournament’s host Spain had a chance to win medals, but Argentina’s talents had a different opinion.

1. Lithuania U18. Managed by: grobuonis691
2. China  U18. Managed by: 事出无常必有妖
3. Argentina U18. Managed by: choppermaiden

National Men
This season's championship, hosted in China, brought a lot of surprises and discussions.
Lithuanian team deliberately lost a match in TOP12 to pick “better” opponent, but it seems that karma hit back and in the semi-final Argentina eliminated Lithuania from going to the finals.  
For deliberately losing a match, the Fair play committee gave a warning and in the future teams should try to avoid losing on purpose. 

Second championship in a row we had the same two finalists - China (1st by ranking) and Argentina (4th by ranking). By 10 points difference China remained the strongest country in the game with its second gold medal in a row.
Fight for the bronze was between Lithuania (2nd by ranking) and Latvia (10th by ranking). More experienced Lithuanian team won the bronze medals.

1. China. Managed by: YAOQINWEI
2. Argentina. Managed by: marcos_rubio
3. Lithuania. Managed by: Gudrioji Lape

Jobs done in 80th season

Next season plans
  • Keep working towards updating the old design pages
  • Work on the match engine’s updates

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 4.1 4.2 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 80th season -- 04-11

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