Clarifying tactics. “Why team tactics do not work as expected?” (2017-09-29 23:48:20)


Already for quite a long time we do not answer to individual questions related with tactics.
However, we’ll try to analyze and answer the most frequent questions in game’s news. This way more game members will be able to get acquainted with this information.

We often receive complaints from game members related with tactics that sound like this:

  • Team offence is set “On three pointers” but number of three pointers is lower than in match played with “Normal” offence style.
  • Team offence is set “On big men” but number of close-range shots is lower than in match played with “On three pointers” offence style.
Let’s start with description of Team tactics setting. Quote from game’s help:
Offensive tactics determine which players must get the ball most frequently. However, this setting doesn't guarantee big number of shots! How frequent player will make shots depends on: player's tactics settings, opponents tactics' settings and skills of players (how often player will get into good enough situation to shoot).”
So, if offence is set “On three pointers” - players at three point line will have the ball more often. Team players will have more chances to shoot from three point line but it doesn’t guarantee good shooting positions.
What determines if player (who is at three point line) makes a shot (information from game’s help):
  • Time left till end of attack/period
  • Complexity of situation that a player is in
  • Player’s shooting frequency settings
  • Various other smaller nuances
So, even if offence is “On three pointers” and player spends a lot of time near three point line, it may be that he won’t create good shooting situation. And the final decision whether to shoot or not will depend on individual player’s shooting frequency settings.

There also is related question and explanation in Match engine’s FAQ.
If team’s offence is set  “On big men” (or on other link), why they still make only few shots?
The main reasons could be:
  • Shooting frequency settings are too low. Even if player gets a lot of passes, he won’t shoot until he is in good enough situation.
  • Other players manage to find opportunity to shoot earlier. In this case, other players could be indicated less frequent shooting settings in tactics.
  • Player won’t shoot if he is fully defended. He still needs situation sufficient to make a shot.
One more possible reason - sometimes team simply makes less shots. In these cases naturally the number of three pointers is also smaller. It may happen due to various reasons, for example:
  • Team made a lot of turnovers
  • Opponent made a lot of fouls, thus a lot of attacks ended with free throws.
  • Team made considerably less rebounds than usually
Therefore it is definitely possible that team makes more three point shots (with offence setting “On big men”) or team makes more close-range shots (with offence setting “On three pointers”).
In order to avoid it, one only needs to edit individual players’ shooting frequency settings - allow shooting from some positions less frequent and from other positions - more frequent.

Also don’t forget that basketball match involves two teams (not one). If opponents manage to defend well (due to skills or tactics), it may change your planned scenario.

P.S. The most often reason why match is lost - individual players’ shooting frequency settings:
  • When shooting frequency is too high, it is risky that players will shoot too early without waiting until good position is created.
  • When shooting frequency is too low, it is risky that team will shoot on the last seconds of attack with unprepared shots or will fail to shoot at all.
Majority of teams set individual players’ shooting frequency settings only once and do not change them afterwards. However, in order to achieve the best result it is recommended to change these settings regarding opponent’s advantages and disadvantages in defence.

We hope that this article and related information in game’s help helps to find the best tactics for matches.
Good luck!

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Lithuania 3.2 World league 3.4 a-ramune -- Game's news: Clarifying tactics. “Why team tactics do not work as expected?” -- 2017-09-29

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