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Franchise player Nathan Molte

325 RT

Age: 26 y.

Height: 214 cm.

flag Dresden Hunters

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Local name: Dresden Hunters
Manager: RaZeev
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P. Zvanītājs

Points: 12,1


P. Zvanītājs

Rebounds: 5,1


F. Thanos

Assists: 3,5


Activity 2021-05-08 02:15
Country flag Germany
Federation European Basketball Federation
Short club name Dresden H (DH)
Basketball school Dresden H Basketball school
Youth team Dresden H Youth


Strongest in the game 21 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league 1 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league 15 ( place in rankings)
RT average 330
Fan club 2830
Fan ranking 11 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league 17 ( place in rankings)
Image 7/7
Personnel's opinion 6/7


Weekly income from sponsors 251837 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries 1208267 Eu
Trades restrictions' level 7 (History)
Trades done overall 43
Trades made this season 2
Overall wins/matches played 768/1091 70%
Season's wins/matches played 17/25 68%
Amount of borrowed players 16 (Statistics)
Player: Nevio Kaufmann (RT: 54)
-- 05-05
Club signed contract with scout's player
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Icon Coach: Ademola Zobel (RT: 190)
-- 04-26
Coach selected to lead the National team
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Icon Coach: Louis Schwesig (RT: 180)
-- 04-26
Coach selected to lead the National team
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