European Basketball Federation

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President of federation:   CcBraga
Date of creation:   59S, 19d.


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Portugal 1.1 4.8 CcBraga -- 01-22

I Can't do anything as President, I can't remove the volunteers without team as well i can't accept the team of Artemix LZS OSOLIN because it is from Lithuania. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Germany 1.1 2.1 RaZeev -- 01-22
Hm, weird. Maybe write to a-darius about it - he may know whether that is a bug. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Portugal 1.1 4.8 CcBraga -- 01-23
I have already PM the admins but nothing, it appears a message to post in the forum -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Portugal 1.1 4.8 CcBraga -- 02-02
Well i finally got an aswer from administration, they said thanks and also they say that can't see that problem right now. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Germany 1.1 2.1 RaZeev -- Federation volunteer: RaZeev -- 08-02

Manager runs as candidate to become federation's president First off: Soon I will be on holidays for 5 weeks and probably not online everyday - I would still try to take care of the small things.

This season I won't be able to host the EBF-Cup again due to my absence, but if someone else wants to do it (with 16 teams again or even just 8 so it is easier to manage), you can write me and I will help you as much as I can in advance.

Next season I can organize the Cup myself again and will try to raise the Credits that can be won to make it more attractive and maybe get even more people in the federation involved.

At the moment I am engaged with a few great players with whom I discuss the game to share knowledge; what I learn from them I'd like to turn into short and easy to understand lessons in the future myself - depending on how much time I will have for this, I might write short tips in the newsletters again or post on the forum.

And of course I am always available for any questions you might have regarding the game.
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Federation: European Basketball Federation -- 08-15
Federation president's term of office begins -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Federation: European Basketball Federation -- 12-11
Federation president's term of office ended -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Spain 1.1 3.3 joancrumor -- 12-11
Suerte crack -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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