Overview of 86th season (2022-04-24 23:17:55)

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It is time for our traditional overview of the last, 86th, season!

This season we have 3 great news related with our game members! 

  • Already for a while we have Portuguese (Brazil) language in the game. We want to send thanks to the person who translated the game and is the current moderator of this language - barbabodom. Better late than never - we included barbabodom into the Hall of Fame
  • Yaho25 has been included into the Hall of Fame for his superb articles for Taiwanese community 
  • CoachM0329 - from currently the fastest growing Hong Kong community - has been included into the Hall of Fame for his contribution towards the New design and Mobile version of the game

We also have a new episode of BasketPulse News, which is created by the community member darys. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H8hNr3TZG4&ab_channel=BasketpulseNews

World league 1.1
GOD took 4th straight title to become the strongest club by sweeping the competition. This time his opponent was Prosas del Parquet. Bronze medal went to Utena green death who beat 3-2 The Answer.

1. GOD. Managed by: GOD神
2. Prosas del Parquet. Managed by: maurito
3. Utena green death. Managed by: bicaas 

National U18
Host Lithuania had a fumble in the semi-finals and only won the bronze against Latvia. Côte d`Ivoire youth, after beating Lithuania, went to win gold by defeating Chinese youth.

1. Côte d’Ivore U18. Managed by: FBaba
2. China U18. Managed by: TRX001
3. Lithuania U18. Managed by: Sidiav

National Men
China’s national team cruised through the tournament to become the champions. In the finals meeting Lithuania that did not give a bigger challenge. First ever medal in this competition was won by Spain - after winning the bronze medal against Argentina.

1. China. Managed by: YAOQINWEI
2. Lithuania. Managed by: mantas3223
3. Spain. Managed by: nofixations

Jobs done in 86th season
Next season plans
  • Balancing the new match engine
  • Include possibility to improve trades restrictions’ level. Users that didn’t get any sanctions from the FPC in the past few seasons - will be able to improve their restrictions’ level for credits.

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 5.2 4.2 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 86th season -- 04-24

Overview of 86th season already in News! Good luck in the new season! -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 2.2 2.2 vialis -- 04-25
Pagaliau CO galės išsipirkti indulgenciją ir makliauti 10lvl mainų -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Y 1 RaZeev -- 04-25
I guess the statement "the best clubs in wl1 don't buy game money with credits" has become quite dated. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Lithuania 2.2 3.3 a-darius -- 04-26
Last season we had double less users who bought money compared to 10 seasons ago.

By increasing the credits price and by removing guaranteed super-talents from scouts there are a lot less reasons to buy money with credits and users buy them a lot less.

The biggest issue was not money buying, but the top talents that can be bought easily with money. So when the old players` generation retires, the money factor will be even less visible.

Btw, between the top strongest teams in the game there are more teams that never bought credits than the opposite. If we look only at the past few seasons then this difference is even bigger.

So this is still valid. Even without investing real money you can achieve the best results. And we are reviewing this every season as we always try to find the right balance between surviving and between having the fairest situation possible.
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