Overview of 82nd season (2021-08-16 01:04:30)

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It is time for our traditional overview of the last, 82nd, season!

We also have a new episode of BasketPulse News, which is created by the community member darys. You can find it here:

World league 1.1
For the fifth straight time, we have the same two teams fighting for the title of the strongest team in the game - Wǒ bù pa (我不怕) versus GOD. After five matches, once again Wǒ bù pa (我不怕) emerged on top winning it's 6th title in a row!
It seems that this rivalry might continue for a while.
In the series for bronze, Utenos green death had home-court advantage but experienced manager of King Kinka 75 was able to win bronze medal with a last second 3PT shot.

1. Wǒ bù pa (我不怕). Managed by: YAOQINWEI
2. GOD. Managed by: GOD神
3. King Kinka 75. Managed by: Mirza


National U18
Two strongest teams met in the finals - Lithuania vs. China. While the tournament was held in China, the home-court advantage of the championship did not help - Lithuanian youth won the gold. Bronze went to Argentina which beat Spain youth.

1. Lithuania U18. Managed by: Captain Obvious
2. China U18. Managed by: GOD神
3. Argentina U18. Managed by: Ariel

National MEN
Tournament ended without any big surprises. Finals saw the same two teams as in the U18 championship - China against Lithuania. China controlled the whole game and did not let the victory slip out of its hands. Germany achieved the best result in the National team’s history but fell short as Argentina won the bronze.

1. China. Managed by: YAOQINWEI
2. Lithuania. Managed by: benislovas
3. Argentina. Managed by: choppermaiden 

FPC News
2 weeks before the new season start, federations had to present their position on how trades should be handled by the committee. Only 6 out of 18 federations provided insights of their members. Greek and European federations believed that FPC should harsher evaluate trades while Lithuanian federation went the opposite direction - wanted a more flexible approach. Argentine, Spanish and British federations are good with the current approach of FPC on trades. Due to responses, the committee stays with current judgement of trades.

While these 6 federations got bonuses, the other 12 federations received penalties on the percentage of credits they are rewarded weekly.

Jobs done in 82nd season
Our abilities to work during this season was significantly reduced due to our little boy Mantas. We hope that we will be more productive next season.

Next season plans

  • Prepare a “testing” version of the match engine.
  • Now players give huge bonuses for teams from the same country, and smaller bonuses for their current teams. In the upcoming seasons we plan to change that. Every season (starting with 83rd) we will increase a bit the discount given for the current club and reduce the discount given for the same country teams.


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