Stability of the game and future plans (2018-02-21 23:09:00)

As you already know, the game has issues with stability. Therefore we devoted the end of the last season and big part of this season for fixing this area.
One of the main reasons - game’s database. It is not only big but it is also used very intensively by game members. This season we tried to reduce its size and to speed up operations in the most problematic areas.
Previous few weeks were very complicated for game’s members and for administration. We tried to optimize game’s database. However, these updates didn’t work out as they were planned, thus we have realized only a part of the planned updates so far. We will try to devote few more sleepless nights in the future.
During updates a part of game members experienced some losses. We can not determine the exact loss experienced by every game member, therefore we  transferred a sum of one league’s sponsor to ever club - to mitigate the losses.

In the near future it is also necessary to change the game’s server and some of the used technologies. We plan to work on it when the new game’s design moves forward some more.

It turned out that possibilities to log into the game using facebook and google considerably aggravate playing conditions for our Chinese users. Therefore in the end of 61st season these options have been disabled for users that use Chinese language. We hope that it helps Chinese users to access the game easier.
In the future we plan to make one more update that should speed up browsing the game for users from different continents. However, this update will require additional investments, so we will be able to work on it only after game’s income increases.

One more area that we have problems with is the game’s newsletter. Generating and sending newsletters has been stopped for a while. This feature will be renewed when the game is moved to another server.

In the nearest future the game will be improved in these areas:

  • Creation of the new game’s design (presently we are intensively looking for a person who will work on it)
  • Further actions on improving game’s stability, speeding up operation of the game and changing game’s server.
  • We are looking forward to having bigger activeness in federations, therefore in the nearest future we will send recommendations for federations’ presidents.

For the past two seasons we have changed the way we communicate with game's community. Earlier we tried to answer every question given by game’s members. However, we noticed that it doesn’t give any benefit. Despite of our time devoted for it, we often received complaints that our answers are stereotyped and that we repeat the same answers.
The majority of questions sent to administration could be same well answered by other experienced game members. Therefore lately we answer questions rarer and we would like to transfer this job to federations.

When the above mentioned plans are accomplished, we will ask for opinions of federations - what they think that is the most important for the game and what should be improved next.

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Lithuania 4.4 World league 4.8 a-ramune -- Game's news: Stability of the game and future plans -- 2018-02-21

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