Overview of 61st season (2017-12-30 01:30:38)


As it is usual, we start the overview with the strongest game’s league - World league 1.1
For the second time in a row the finalists are the same: one of the most experienced teams - CP Company (manager gedunex) and team wudiwen (manager gpmike). After 4 matches the result is 2 : 2. Come tomorrow (62nd season day, 15:45) and find out who becomes the champion!
One more experienced team returned to the fight for medals - Bergen’s Soldater (manager Optimistas) The series with team Jinan University (manager cagezheng) ended with result 3-1 and Bergen’s Soldater won the bronze medal.

This season U16 National teams’ tournament took place and brought no surprises. The strongest tournament teams won the medals:

  1. China (manager xiong)
  2. Lithuania (manager benislovas)
  3. USA (manager TheWizardKs
It is the sixth gold medal for China U16 team, which pulls it even further away from the second place (Lithuania - 2 gold medals in the history)

Tomorrow the final of U-21 National teams tournament will take place. Come and support your favourite team!
The final fight will be between China (manager shanire) and Lithuania (manager markobistro) on 62nd season day, 20:00. China’s U21 national team won 3 gold medals in a row. Will this great achievement continue?
The fight for bronze will be between France (manager hanam) and Latvia (manager thrustmaster). This is the 6th time when France is fighting for bronze medals. And this season France has chances to get the third bronze medal in its history. 

Jobs done in 61st season:
  • New type of volunteers included - teachers
    • Less experienced teams will be able to get a teacher and consult with him. Team has to play in lower than 3rd division.
    • We invite experienced game members to become teachers. It can be done in federation volunteers’ page.
    • Presently teachers will be encouraged same as all other volunteers - depending on proportions selected by federation’s president. However, the best teachers will be encouraged additionally.
  • New possibility included to register and sign in to the game using gmail account.
Plans for 62nd season:
  • Lately we have serious problems with the game’s server and its load. So it will be a priority job to improve game’s stability. We will write about results and further plans in a separate news article.
  • In the beginning of 62nd season we will change awards for achievements in National teams’ tournaments
    • The current prizes for national teams’ achievements are not fair. Big communities constantly get discounts for game’s features for winning the medals. Meanwhile small communities do not have such possibilities.
    • Therefore these awards for national teams’ achievements will not be given anymore. Only teams’ managers will be encouraged with credits.
  • One-two times in a season we will select the best federation (or few) and award them with prizes that used to be given for countries that won medals in national teams’ tournaments. Thus even small communities will be able to get these prizes. We want to remind that these awards can be:
    • Discount for drawing players from scouts
    • Discount for analyzing players
  • In the beginning administration will select the best federations. If it proves to improve federations’ activity, in the future awards will be appointed automatically. Criteria:
    • Growth in number of federation’s users (not by adding a new country but by increasing the number of new users)
    • Federation users’ activeness in the game
    • Federation volunteers’ activeness
    • Additional activities in federation: Writing articles, organizing contests, etc.
    • Federation users’ contribution to the development of the game (for example, purchasing credits or NOT blocking advertisements)
  • We will start looking for a person who will help us with updating the game with the new design and creating mobile version of the game.
We wish everyone good luck in the upcoming season!

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Lithuania 4.4 World league 4.8 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 61st season -- 2017-12-30

Volunteer teachers' system included into the game. Read about the past 61st season and plans for the upcoming season. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 2.2 World league 3.4 a-darius -- 2018-01-01
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