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For Fun

Local name: Ant bajerio

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NBA-Live LT krepsininkas.net
Activity:   2019-06-20 12:22:50
Username:   a-darius User - Platinum BGuide
Country:   Lietuva Lietuva Flag
National league:   Lietuva.1.1
International league:   World League.2.2
Club arenas:   For Fun Arena
GetJar Arena #12439
Life is beautiful Arena #12222
Basketball school:   ForFun Basketball school
Youth team:   ForFun
Strongest in the game:   160 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league:   12 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league:   27 ( place in rankings)
RT average:   257
Fan club:   1561
Fan ranking:   45 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league:   30 ( place in rankings)
Image:   5/7
Personnel's opinion:   7/7
Weekly income from sponsors:   150967 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries:   386470 Eu
Trades done overall:   1
Trades restrictions' level:   7 (History)
Trades made this season:   0
Overall wins/matches played:   789/1403 56%
Season's wins/matches played:   1/30 3%
Amount of borrowed players:   0 (statistics)
Date Title
URL 10 S, 56 d. 10 Sezono Draugiškas Turnyras (2-oji vieta)
URL 10 S, 7 d. Išrinktas sumaniausiu BasketballZone vartotoju 9 sez. menedžerio rinkimuose
URL 9 S, 55 d. 9 Sezono Draugiškas Turnyras (2-oji vieta)
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Lithuania 1.1 2.2 a-darius -- 06-03

New Drafts system and the future of the game

I tried to review all your comments in the previous thread. So the proposal about this update has been changed.
Please, read and write us if there is something important that we missed.

Yes, we know that there are other updates more important, so there is no need to write this. Thank you!
We plan to create investment area for this update next week.

The main goals of the new Drafts system:
1. Increase good players’ amount in the market. As drafted players will not get scouted players’ bonus, more of them will end up in the market.
2. Currently most of the teams play with 7-9 players. In the Drafts some players will have better RT but worse health. So, eventually teams will use more players - because bigger part of players will be able to get injured.
3. Now reaching the first league is very difficult. In order to stay in this league new teams have to be a lot better than teams that are already in the first league. Draft points and bigger selection in the market will give bigger chances for new league’s teams to fight for staying in that league.
5. A bit reduce money impact for getting talents. After this update in some cases teams without investing into the scouts will be able to choose a decent player.

Before Drafts update we plan to create a formula for calculating:
"max RT ceiling for players". This number will show how good a player can be (at his peak - when stops improving and before his skills start degrading).
Of course, this will be very approximate but it will indicate what can be expected from a player. Calculations will be based on player’s age, potential and day of the season. It will be displayed in player’s page - near potential.

How the Drafts’ system will work:
1. Drafts will have one round. So, each season teams will get one player from the Drafts.
2. Drafts will be organized in each WORLD league of 5th division and higher. If in the future we have more users, we might organize Drafts in lower divisions as well.
3. Drafts’ players will be generated in the first week of the season.
4. Users will be able to see players’ height, health, average skills, potential, specialization (defensive, universal, sniper, athletic, playmaker)
5. Users will be able to scout drafts’ players to get more information.
6. Drafts event will take place in the morning of the first day of the season
7. The whole season users will be able to see players for Drafts of each league. Players will be automatically ordered by max RT ceiling. Users will be able to change their preferred players’ order. This order will be used to select a player for the team. So, even if user does not update drafts’ order, he will still get one of the best options available for him to choose.
8. Users will be able to select what type of contract they want to sign:
- no contract (when they don`t want to draft any player). In this case “half” of drafts’ points will be “transferred” to the new season. So if team does not find anything useful in the Drafts, it will not lost all collected drafts’ points.
- 1, 2, 3 or 4 seasons’ contract. The longer contract, the bigger salary will be. The salary will be fixed for draft’s position in that league (not for the drafted player’s skills).
- if drafted player is school talent - he will automatically go to the school (even if the school is full). If the team does not have a school - the player will be signed to the main team.
9. The 5th match of the world league’s finals will take place on 61st day (not 62nd as it is now).
10. In the morning of 62nd day, bot teams will descend to the lowest division (in international tournament)
11. In the evening of 62nd day, the final drafts’ positions will be announced. Up to this day team’s position in the Drafts will be seen only as: TOP 8, MIDDLE 8, LAST 11.
12. Drafts’ position will be determined based on “drafts’ points”. There will be no lottery calculating drafts’ points - no random. Each team will know how many drafts’ points it has.
13. Drafts’ points:
- Will be set to 0 after Drafts take place (on the 2nd day of season). Or to 50% of the previous season’s drafts points if no player has been taken from drafts.
- The main criteria for drafts’ points will be scouts’ usage (when player/coach is not signed)-
- Big amount of drafts’ points will be given for new league’s teams (that came from lower division). These points will be given the first time when team reaches this division during the last 5 seasons. Therefore “tanking” will not make sense ;)
14. Drafts’ players will not get “scouted” player’s status. So more players will go to the market.
15. The best game's talents will come from the drafts, not from scouts. So, we will remove "guaranteed player from scouts" option.

What players will be in the Drafts:
1. When player for drafts is created, his nationality depends on probability - based on how many teams from this country are in the league. Countries that don`t have participants in this league still have chances to have a player, but the chances will be quite low.
2. Players’ strength in drafts will be based on international league’s division. The better division - the better players.
For each league the max RT ceiling of the TOP draft will be calculated by formula:
(average League’s RT) * 1,3

In each league such players will be created:
2 players with max ceiling RT similar to: TOP (avg league’s RT * 1,3)
2 players with max ceiling RT similar to: average league’s RT * 1,2
4 players with max ceiling RT similar to: average league’s RT * 1,1
10 players with max ceiling RT similar to: average league’s RT
14 players with max ceiling RT similar to: average league’s RT * 0,9

Players will be of different type by age and potential:
- Players that are ready to play in the league right now. They will have hight RT and very low potential. Maybe we will need to create players with potential 0 - that have already reached their peak and almost can`t be trained anymore.
- Players for basketball school.
- Players for the near future. Something between "ready to play" and "student".

When each player is created, the type of player is determined by random. So sometimes there will be more students, sometimes there will be more developed players. The “max RT ceiling” for the player will be similar for all types.

Some players will have better/worse health, and in the same time their max ceiling RT will be bigger or smaller.

Players will be different by skills and inner potentials (player’s style)
Currently we have only a few of them and we still have quite a lot of random here. We can have more different styles with more “restrictions for skills”.
- Styles could be: “athletic sniper”, “defensive playmaker”, “attacking playmaker”, ...
- players will have some restrictions on skills (to avoid completely useless players)
When we start working on the update, we will try to make a new discussion with the community about players’ styles and skills’ restrictions.

What bonuses will be received by the investors:
1. Invested credits will give some draft points for the first Drafts event. The exact ratio will be determined later.
2. Users who invest 200k will get permanent 50% discount for scouting players’ skills/potentials in Drafts.

WHEN this update could be included:
It requires 2-3 full seasons to realize this update. Starting this week I have another full time job, so it may take more time.
We plan to start working on this update when at least 50% of the required sum is invested.
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Lithuania 3.2 4.2 mantvis -- 06-04
Premium nepirksiu, kol nebus daroromi normalūs update, siūlyčiau prisijungti prie manęs visiems. :D -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 1.1 2.2 a-darius -- 06-09
I see that the biggest concern in the community is players' quality (skills).
With your help we will deal with this issue. In the worst-case we can just reduce "ready now" players' amount in the Drafts.

Drafts' investment area has been created:
I don`t expect such a big "investment" from users soon. So, probably this update will not be included so soon.

In the mean time we are working on:
1. fixing small bugs of the game
2. removing forum from the game
3. implementing new design for player/team pages.
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Lithuania 3.1 3.4 swechias -- 06-09
Darius, please, explaine:
Big amount of drafts’ points will be given for new league’s teams (that came from lower division). These points will be given the first time when team reaches this division during the last 5 seasons. Therefore “tanking” will not make sense ;)
So if I will promote this season, next season, will drop back to 3wl, is mean, tanking? Sorry for my english.
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