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Franchise player Dargaudas Jarašius

190 GS

Yaş: 34 y.

Boy: 209 cm.

flag The Onions

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Yerel adı: Cibuliai
Menajer: a-ramune
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R. Dubauskas

Sayı: 18,8


Š. Pivoriūnas

Ribaunt: 10,0


C. Orcajo

Asist: 5,2


Aktiflik 2021-04-18 23:23
Ülke flag Lithuania
Federasyon Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Kısa kulüp adı Onions (Onio)
Daha önce yönetilmiş kulüp Cibuliai(Closed) (1 - 46 S)
Basketbol okulu Onions Basketbol okulu
Genç takım The Onions Youth


Oyunun en iyisi 351 (sıralamadaki yeri)
Ulusal ligin en güçlüsü 7 (sıralamadaki yeri)
Uluslararası ligin en güçlüsü 15 (sıralamadaki yeri)
Ortalama RT 225
Taraftar kulübü 536
Taraftar sıralaması 360 (sıralamadaki yeri)
Uluslararası ligdeki şöhret seviyesi 7 (sıralamadaki yeri)
İmaj 6/7
Çalışan memnuniyeti 6/7


Haftalık sponsor geliri 64309 Eu
Maksimum toplam personel maaşı 210234 Eu
Trades restrictions' level 7 (Geçmiş)
Toplam takas 1
Bu sezonki takaslar 0
Toplam galibiyet/maç 552/1101 50%
Sezonluk galibiyet/maç 3/6 50%
Kiralık oyuncuların miktarı 6 (İstatistikler)
Answers to the most frequent questions related with the game's economics.
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Gizli cevapları göster: 19
It is not understood what logic is applied in anticipated renewals, because clearly the prices in the market do not fall, but are increasingly higher. And a team that trains a player for several seasons and that must let him go because he can no longer afford his salary, what benefit does he get? -- 01:29
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
mancuso This is actually the logic of a robber. They don't understand how much money we put into discovering players and training them. They will only be surprised, wow! Why do you want so little pay for your excellent players? It's not fair!

We're looking at creation, and GM is looking at destruction because of complaints from players who don't want to cultivate players. Next, I'll gradually cut back on the money I put into the training system, put down my hoe and sickle, take up my arms and fight them.
-- 02:14
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
https://www.basketpulse.com/uy/Player/1952630/description how is this player minimum wage 25k? this is a not even a reserve for wl1 teams, I believe the "formula" used to come up with market prices is just not right. -- 02:55
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Oyun haberleri: Overview of 80th season
-- 04-11
Overview of 80th season in News! Also the new BasketPulse News episode!
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Gizli cevapları göster: 3
On hosting of next Men tournament - only Spain, Argentina and Lithuania had responded to the contest to win hosting rights on season 82. During this season, all 3 federations will be given tasks to complete and the best performing federation will be given the rights to host the Men NT while 2nd place will host u18 youth tournament. -- 04-12
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
I'm glad to help Taiwan win a title with National Men squad and bring them up to top division. :) -- 04-12
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Thank you!! I'm glad to join this game and recommend to Taiwanese. -- 04-13
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Icon Oyuncu: Švitrigaila Kurmelis (GS: 175)
-- 04-12
Oyuncu, Genç takıma transfer edildi.
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Plans of the Match engine update!
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Gizli cevapları göster: 17
Adding to nofixations post: Allow setting switching to different tactics based on parameters such as down by x points, or a critical player has foul trouble, etc. If you add 3 new tactics, the chances to correctly call the counter to opponent will be quite low. Base the actual changes on coaches skills -- 04-08
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
It would be great if fatigue system was updated as it does not make sense 8 players are enough to finish the season without any problem, considering their health is 100%. -- 04-12
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)
Only 8? You can do fine with 6 players in WL1 if you have read help section around 500 times. -- 04-12
-- (tercüme et) (tercüme et EN)