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Vardinis žaidėjas Dargaudas Jarašius

190 VK

Amžius: 34 m.

Ūgis: 209 cm.

flag The Onions

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Vietinis pavadinimas: Cibuliai
Vadovas: a-ramune
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R. Dubauskas

Taškai: 18,8


Š. Pivoriūnas

Atkovoti kamuoliai: 10,0


C. Orcajo

Perdavimai: 5,2


Aktyvumas 2021-04-18 23:23
Šalis flag Lithuania
Federacija Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Komandos pav. trumpai Onions (Onio)
Klubas, kuriam vadovauta anksčiau Cibuliai(Closed) (1 - 46 sez.)
Krepšinio mokykla Onions Krepšinio mokykla
Jaunimo komanda The Onions Youth


Stipriausi žaidime 351 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi nac. lygoje 7 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi tarpt. lygoje 15 ( vieta reitinguose)
VK vidurkis 225
Fanų klubas 536
Fanų reitingas 360 ( vieta reitinguose)
Pop. reitingas tarpt. lygoje 7 ( vieta reitinguose)
Įvaizdis 6/7
Personalo nuomonė 6/7


Rėmėjų lėšos per savaitę 64309 Eu
Max suma personalo algoms 210234 Eu
Mainų apribojimų lygis 7 (Istorija)
Visų mainų kiekis 1
Mainų kiekis sezone 0
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių klubo istorijoje 552/1101 50%
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių šį sezoną 3/6 50%
Pasiskolintų žaidėjų kiekis 6 (Statistika)
Žaidimo naujienos: Economic model of BasketPulse
-- 04-18
Answers to the most frequent questions related with the game's economics.
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Rodyti paslėptus atsakymus: 23
mancuso It's obvious that some clubs who don't pay attention to training players are complaining again. They don't have the patience to train players, so they want other people's players. People at the bottom of capitalism have this mentality. They don't think about how to create, they just think about how to share the results. But it's very simple. As long as the rules are consistent with everyone, the loser will always be the loser. -- 05:49
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
GM told us that ‘Players’ salaries are not set by some “formula” but they are determined by the demand (by the community).’, and then used the minimum wage to restrict everyone to sign players at the right price. Don’t you think this is ridiculous? Since wages are determined by the demand (by the community), why set a minimum wage? Isn’t this a contradiction? -- 06:08
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
GM told us'Reduce the prices of extending contracts (early extension) would lead to less good players in the limited market. So prices in the market would go up even more. Our goal is quite the opposite. We believe that it should be easier to find a player in the limited market. So that teams which advance to the upper league would have more chances to improve their rosters.'
I can't help but ask, are good players born good players? We have been training them since they were fourteen or fifteen years old, so that they have the best training coach and plenty of playing time. Then just let them go for nothing when they can help the team? So who will spend money to train young players in the future? We just save the money used to train players and go to the market to plunder.
-- 06:31
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Žaidimo naujienos: 80-ojo sezono apžvalga
-- 04-11
Overview of 80th season in News! Also the new BasketPulse News episode!
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Rodyti paslėptus atsakymus: 3
On hosting of next Men tournament - only Spain, Argentina and Lithuania had responded to the contest to win hosting rights on season 82. During this season, all 3 federations will be given tasks to complete and the best performing federation will be given the rights to host the Men NT while 2nd place will host u18 youth tournament. -- 04-12
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
I'm glad to help Taiwan win a title with National Men squad and bring them up to top division. :) -- 04-12
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Thank you!! I'm glad to join this game and recommend to Taiwanese. -- 04-13
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Icon Žaidėjas: Švitrigaila Kurmelis (VK: 175)
-- 04-12
Žaidėjas perkeltas į Jaunimo komandą
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Plans of the Match engine update!
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Rodyti paslėptus atsakymus: 17
Adding to nofixations post: Allow setting switching to different tactics based on parameters such as down by x points, or a critical player has foul trouble, etc. If you add 3 new tactics, the chances to correctly call the counter to opponent will be quite low. Base the actual changes on coaches skills -- 04-08
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
It would be great if fatigue system was updated as it does not make sense 8 players are enough to finish the season without any problem, considering their health is 100%. -- 04-12
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Only 8? You can do fine with 6 players in WL1 if you have read help section around 500 times. -- 04-12
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)