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Vardinis žaidėjas Emilijus Bilda

291 VK

Amžius: 26 m.

Ūgis: 207 cm.

flag For Fun

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Vietinis pavadinimas: Ant bajerio
Vadovas: a-darius
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D. Kupetys

Taškai: 23,2


A. Petrilevičius

Atkovoti kamuoliai: 7,3


K. Choudhry

Perdavimai: 7,3


Komandos vadovas šiuo metu atostogauja. Jį pavaduoja: The Onions
Aktyvumas 2020-04-08 14:21
Šalis flag Lithuania
Federacija Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Komandos pav. trumpai ForFun (Fun)
Krepšinio mokykla ForFun Krepšinio mokykla
Jaunimo komanda For Fun


Stipriausi žaidime 125 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi nac. lygoje 2 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi tarpt. lygoje 3 ( vieta reitinguose)
VK vidurkis 272
Fanų klubas 1067
Fanų reitingas 88 ( vieta reitinguose)
Pop. reitingas tarpt. lygoje 7 ( vieta reitinguose)
Įvaizdis 4/7
Personalo nuomonė 6/7


Rėmėjų lėšos per savaitę 102710 Eu
Max suma personalo algoms 374706 Eu
Mainų apribojimų lygis 7 (Istorija)
Visų mainų kiekis 1
Mainų kiekis sezone 0
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių klubo istorijoje 916/1638 56%
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių šį sezoną 8/8 100%
Pasiskolintų žaidėjų kiekis 4 (Statistika)
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Klubas nusamdė skauto surastą žaidėją -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
a-darius -- 04-03
Prices for extensions are a hot topic today.

Few seasons ago I wanted to update this system. I gave examples, also I wrote that this is not working correctly and that it will even go worse. But the community was against that update… and quite harsh… So we still have this “broken” place in the game.

A bit of history:

When extension system was implemented in the game we used math formula to calculate salary for extension. But that system was quite bad, because prices in market change often - so extension prices should change also.

Current version is based not on math formula , but on average salary of similar coaches/players (based on RT, age, potential). But this is not accurate as well. Some type of players/coaches almost never come to market. So the average price for these can be smaller than for those who are even worse but goes to market more often.

And there is no “quick” way to fix this. What we need to do is completely rewrite the whole extension system. The prices for calculations should be used not from ALL players/coaches, but from market history of the last few seasons. Because extension prices should be similar to market offers, not to scouts offers or previous extensions.

What we can do:

Right now? Probably nothing. The best case scenario - create an update for the next season. But I am not sure if this is possible.

If you think that we need some temporary “quick” solution, we can discuss it here.
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Rodyti paslėptus atsakymus: 9
a-darius -- 04-03
That is not related.

The situation is because most of the coaches retired. And we have a lot new coaches (scouted).
We would have exactly the same situations without recent updates in scouting...
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
a-darius -- 04-03
After discussions with Ramune we decided that doing quick fixes now will cause even bigger problems and even more angry users (because any change will affect extension prices for players and coaches).

We will try to find a solution for the next season.

When we have it, we will inform the community about the changes.
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
It's not only coaches, players too.. The current system (too hard to find high pot players) makes users want to just avoid scounting and investing more in players-coaches in the market.. and what happens with more and more users invest more in market crazy sums 70k players 50k coaches- ? renew prices get higher and higher.. therefore scouting is less rewarding - and more expensive... Final consequence, little people scout and market is colapsed with crazy high prices -- (Versti) (Versti EN)