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Vardinis žaidėjas Emilijus Bilda

257 VK

Amžius: 23 m.

Ūgis: 207 cm.

flag For Fun

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Vietinis pavadinimas: Ant bajerio
Vadovas: a-darius
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J. Džiugas

Taškai: 15,7


D. Brazdeikis

Atkovoti kamuoliai: 4,7


K. Choudhry

Perdavimai: 3,1


Aktyvumas 2019-11-20 19:04
Šalis flag Lithuania
Federacija Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Komandos pav. trumpai ForFun (Fun)
Krepšinio mokykla ForFun Krepšinio mokykla
Jaunimo komanda For Fun


Stipriausi žaidime 108 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi nac. lygoje 4 ( vieta reitinguose)
Stipriausi tarpt. lygoje 4 ( vieta reitinguose)
VK vidurkis 282
Fanų klubas 1226
Fanų reitingas 71 ( vieta reitinguose)
Pop. reitingas tarpt. lygoje 6 ( vieta reitinguose)
Įvaizdis 4/7
Personalo nuomonė 6/7


Rėmėjų lėšos per savaitę 102684 Eu
Max suma personalo algoms 319482 Eu
Mainų apribojimų lygis 7 (Istorija)
Visų mainų kiekis 1
Mainų kiekis sezone 0
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių klubo istorijoje 849/1526 56%
Pergalių/žaista rungtynių šį sezoną 21/49 43%
Pasiskolintų žaidėjų kiekis 1 (Statistika)
ForFun Icon Žaidėjas: Konstantinas Bočius (VK: 170) -- 11-15
Žaidėjas priėmė klubo pasiūlytą kontraktą -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
ForFun Icon Žaidėjas: Valdas Meiliūnas (VK: 237) -- 11-12
Žaidėjas priėmė klubo pasiūlytą kontraktą -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
a-darius -- 11-05
Recently we don`t have possibilities to answer suggestions and ideas that we get from the community.
I want to explain such our behaviour and the current situation of the game.

A bit about our "resources"
Ramune is working with the game about four hours daily.

However, I have a full time job in another company. So my time with the BasketPulse is limited to the weekends and 1-2 hours after work (if my brain is still working)
Little time I spend on the game gives some positive things, too. Now we can spend more money on the game!
We have a bigger budget for the design updates, we have better server. We are thinking about making advertisements in the game more friendly to the users.

Also we have one freelancer designer who is working with the new design.
We tried to find a few volunteers from the game to help increasing the community, but we did not manage to get any visible effect.
We will repeat this soon because this is very important if we want BasketPulse to survive.

A bit about the game’s "code base" situation and our priority works.
Some parts of the game are rewritten to the new - modern way.
We use some modern tools here. For example, automatic tests to help us maintain better quality and have less bugs.
But the majority of the game is still working on the base that was written 10 years ago.
That part of the game is very outdated and I am focusing my time right here.
These updates are not visible for you (unless I accidentally break something). And a lot of work is still waiting here...

In the mean time Ramune is focusing her time on the new design. The designer we hire creates design and Ramune adapts it for the game.
New design situation is quite similar to the "code base" situation.
The most parts of the game still use the "old design". This is why sometimes the menu in mobile is big and sometimes it is small.
Sometimes we can see small footer, sometimes big and so on.
Unfortunately, we can’t make the "old design" to work correctly with the new "menu, header, footer".
We understand that the new design has some issues as well. And it is great that you write us what you don’t like in it.
We read all comments but it may take a while until we find and include the solution for these problems.
Our priority in "design area" now is to move the whole game to the new design.

All other updates will have to wait. So there is no point to spend time just discussing something that we will not be able to work on soon.
Let’s focus on the things we are doing right now and only then move to something else.

Thank you for your understanding!
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
nice to hear good news from you and the game
thx for keeping us updated
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
Thanks! -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
ForFun Icon Treneris: Stasys Kuisis (VK: 101) -- 11-05
Treneris priėmė klubo pasiūlytą kontraktą -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
ForFun Icon Žaidėjas: Mečys Gaidamavičius (VK: 147) -- 10-30
Žaidėjas perkeltas į Jaunimo komandą -- (Versti) (Versti EN)