Trade information


Start of negotiation 2019-08-23- 14:50
End of negotiation 2019-08-23- 15:13
Restrictions' level 7
flag Virgil Haungs
Salary: 18513 Eu
Contract: 5 S Age: 25 y.
RT: 267 Height: 208 cm.
Potential: 9
flag Max Goldschmidt Player is lent and will not be available in your team until the end of season
Salary: 9087 Eu
Contract: 1 S Age: 25 y.
RT: 222 Height: 202 cm.
Potential: 5
flag Augustus Ferrer
Salary: 5059 Eu
Contract: 4 S Age: 21 y.
RT: 176 Height: 199 cm.
Potential: 8
flag Clayton Tindall
Salary: -
Contract: School talent Age: 14 y.
RT: 33 Height: 193 cm.
Potential: 8
Warriors Icon Trade/Lending players: Warriors & Ballers -- 08-23
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This trade was reported as unfair. However, the Fair play committee decided that this trade is fair. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
How the Fair Play Committee members voted:
- volunteers voted "Revert and punish": 0
- volunteers voted "Revert": 3
- volunteers voted "Fair": 6

These reasons were chosen by the volunteers during voting:
2 - Overuse of disbalanced trades. Players' trade somehow has to benefit both teams (financially, in respect of team composition, etc). Good but expensive player can be traded to a bit worse but cheaper player. This type of trade can not be overused.
1 - Trade constitutes a "hidden lending" (player(s) that changed team went back to the original team)

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