Overview of 63rd season (2018-06-05 16:49:31)


As usual, we start the overview with the strongest league of the game - World league 1.1 
For the fourth season in a row the finalists of the strongest league are the same - CP Company (manager: gedunex) and wudiwen (manager: gpmike)
All five matches had to be played in order to find out the strongest team of the game. wudiwen team managed to exploit home advantage and won their third gold medal.
Team from France Slamgot’s Team and team from Lithuania CrazyToys were fighting for the bronze medal. It was the first chance for both of these teams to fight for medal in the strongest league.
Slamgot’s Team won the bronze medals with the result 3 - 1
Maybe in the nearest future one of these teams will challenge CP Company or wudiwen?

U16 tournament finished with no big surprises:
1. China, manager: cagezheng 
2. Lithuania, manager: Borjomi 
3. France, manager: Poseidon
It was the third bronze medal for France national team. Interesting fact that even two medals of this team were won by foreign managers.

U21 tournament started with much stronger Argentine’s national team. This team won against China’s team in second phase and this way made a mess of the “usual order”. Therefore the regular participants of the final - China and Lithuania - had to meet each other in semi-final.
One more surprise was introduced by USA national team that won semi-final against Argentine’s national team and for the first time in history got into the final!
China’s team had much stronger players and didn’t lose a second time in this tournament. It won the gold medals.
For the first time in history, Lithuanian national team didn’t get into final and had to be content with the bronze medals.
1. China, manager: feishe
2. USA, manager: TheCoach
3. Lithuania, manager: ColeR

Jobs done in 63rd season:

  • Problem with displaying of players’ rankings fixed
  • Though we made a step forward with the new game’s design, unfortunately it is not as fast as we would like. We had to change the designer who works on it. So far we can not share the good news.
  • Tax for rich clubs has been included
    • The exact limits may be found in league’s information page
    • Clubs that exceed the limit will see the warning in Finances page and they will get warning messages on the 2nd day of the season.
    • The tax will be paid on 15th day of the season
    • In 64th season the tax will be maximum 2% of club’s savings and every season it will increase a bit until it reaches 20% of savings
  • New possibility to assign bigger funding for sectors. Until now the maximum sum was 10 000 Eu. Now also available sums are: 30 000Eu, 50 000Eu, 100 000Eu
  • The influence of funding to sectors has been adjusted. Change in sectors depends not only on the assigned finances but also on division of club’s international league. The higher division the team plays in, the bigger funding is needed to have the same effect.
  • New possibility to organize early election of federation’s president (if the current president didn’t log into the game for more than a week)
  • A push forward on updating the aged internal game’s subsystems.

Plans for the upcoming season
  • The main jobs remain the same: the new game’s design and improvement of game’s stability
  • In the first two weeks we plan to award the most active federations and make new challenges for them! Thus you should wait for news in the nearest future.
  • If due to some reasons we have time and can’t work on the mentioned highest priority jobs, we will work on creation of the new trades’ system. However, we do not see possibilities to realize it fully during the upcoming season.

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 3.2 3.4 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 63rd season -- 05-07

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