Men National Teams tournament overview (2017-11-02 01:41:01)

Season 60 - National Men Tournament
Article written by: CcBraga


Host: China
China and Lithuania will fight for title of the National Men.

1st Round
Argentina, Latvia, Lithuania and China won their groups. Highlight to Argentina and Latvia that beat France and Italy.
Excellent performance to Finland managed by Zorro, who stepped ahead to the next phase to the detriment of Hong Kong and Germany.

2nd Round
In the strong group B a huge surprise happened; Italy did not reach the playoffs and Norway got that place in the playoff.

No surprises, China, Lithuania, Argentina and France reach the semi-final.

China won the strong China-Lithuania semi-final, and in the other game Argentina beat France.

China beat Argentina.
China was always in front of the game.


 1 place China 左手哥 China World league 2.2
 2 place Argentina


Argentina World league 1.1
  3 place Lithuania Kestuks Lithuania World league 3.2
 10 place Finland Zorro Finland World league 2.1

Relegation to National Men-2
  • Ireland
  • Philippines
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine

MVP of U21 tournament

Fēng Bào
Team: China
19 Points; 24 ranking; 24 minutes; 9 Rebounds; 1 assist

Team of the tournament
Position Name Country Club Height  
PG Alkinoos Kyriakoulopoulos Greece superflights 200 cm
SG Caiden Englisch United States NW Shockwave 199 cm
SF David Flores Argentina C A Peñarol MdP 205 cm
PF Cang Mou China 2013wing jiā duō bǎo lemon2014 216 cm
C Fēng Bào China Wǒ bù pà 223 cm

Individual Statistics Leaders
Description Player M.P. Avg Country Club
Ranking Marek Mnich 11 26,1 Poland NW Shockwave
Points Riku Ahlapuro 11 23,2 Finland The Mask
Rebounds Bernard Bugaoisan 11 10,8 Philippines Žalgiris-BC
Assists Hing Kuen Hau 11 6,2 Hong Kong The Mask
Steals Shui Gu 13 7,5 China 2013wing jiā duō bǎo lemon2014
Blocks Argie Shaq 13 1,8 Argentina C A Peñarol MdP

Team Statistics
Description Team Avg
Ranking China 99,9
Points China 84,0
Rebounds Germany 40,5
Assists Argentina 18,7
Steals China 15,2
Blocks France 7,5

Final comments
China was the best team and won the 60 season national team tournament.
Argentina, Norway, Latvia and Finland had good results on this tournament, and in the other side Italy and Hungary had bad results.

Season 60 - National Men-2 Tournament
Host: Russia

1st Round
In group C Belarus beat Sweden, Czechia and Côte d`Ivoire and advanced to the 2nd round.
in the others groups Portugal beat Netherland and Romania beat Nigeria letting them out of the 2nd round, in group B and A.

2nd Round
In group A one more time Belarus and his manager martyna did a good job and advanced to the playoffs beating Taiwan.

Brazil and Russia won easily their games and advanced to the National League next season, meanwhile Croatia with some difficulty and Bulgaria that won against the favorite Austria got the promotion as well

Brazil was better than Croatia and won the title of the NM-2.

 1 place Brazil Paulius7 Lithuania World League.4.3
 2 place Croatia


Lithuania World League.4.4
  3 place Russia юрий Russia World League.5.10
 6 place Belarus martyna Lithuania World League.4.6

Promotion to NM Relegated to NM-3
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea
  • Mexico
  • Armenia
Final comments
Brazil won all they games and was the best team of the tournament. Belarus and its manager martyna were the big surprise of the tournament and Bulgaria who got the promotion instead of Austria as well did a great job.

Season 60 - National Men-3 Tournament
Host: Venezuela

1st Round
In group A New Zealand beat Lebanon and won the group A, the others groups were won naturally by Kuwait, Venezuela and Albania.
In group C sharass666 and his Georgia did not make to get the 2nd round of this competition.

2nd Round
Venezuela and Albania won their groups and Denmark advanced to the playoffs.

Venezuela, Albania easily qualified to the semi-final meanwhile Lebanon had some difficulty but as well got the promotion. New Zealand was the big surprise beating Kuwait, this way all of them got the promotion.

In the last quarter Albania got the title of the NM-3.

 1 place Albania Mavro Lithuania World League.4.4
 2 place Venezuela


Lithuania World League.3.4
  3 place Lebanon Lietuviu_erzilas Lithuania World League.2.2
 4 place New Zealand rupulas Lithuania World League.3.2

Promotion to NM-2 Relegated
  • Iceland
  • Cyprus
  • Israel
  • F.Y.R. of Macedonia
Final comments
New Zealand was the big surprise and got the promotion, as well as Venezuela and Albania that were the better teams in the tournament.
The disappointment was Georgia

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