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As usual we start the overview with the strongest game’s league - World league 1.1
One of the most titled game teams CP Company (managed by gedunex) came back to the league’s final after one season break, where it competed with wudiwen team (managed by gpmike). After a tough fight Chinese team wudiwen won the golden medal of the strongest game’s league. wudiwen team - competing in the league for only three seasons - managed to become the strongest team in the game!
Bronze medals were won by AC “Tauragė” (managed by Egis01) This team also proved that it is worth to get the medal - it won against a member of Chinese community YAOQINWEI in the series without home advantage and with result 3-1

Article about National teams’ U18 tournament can be found in game’s news and we expect to have an article about Men National teams’ tournament in the nearest future.

Few interesting facts:

  • None of the four strongest World league 1.1 teams, according to strength ranking, won medals in the league.
  • Team wudiwen that took the gold medals is 16th team according to strength ranking. Average RT of players that actually played in matches was 303RT (for example, it can be compared with Shadow'sTeam that took 10th place and its average RT was 332RT). This shows that in order to achieve the highest results the most important is not to purchase the highest RT players but to have players with proper skills and to find the proper tactics.
  • In 61st season the strongest league will have such numbers of teams from the biggest game’s communities: 17 Chinese and 8 Lithuanian
  • Number of users in these countries that login to the game at least once a week: 125 Chinese and 457 Lithuanian

Jobs done in 60th season
  • We prepared three additional articles for game members. One of them - about some nuances related with match engine and tactics.
  • Encouraging federations’ volunteers with credits included.
  • Precise information about federation volunteer’s activity included in volunteer’s page
  • Federation statistics’ and finances’ pages included.
  • Federation presidents will now be able to send mass messages to federation volunteers or to all federation members once a week. This way it will be possible to announce actual information, invite for discussion or to give advises.
  • New type of volunteers included - validating players’ nicknames.

Plans for 61st season
  • Create new type of volunteers - “teachers”. They will be automatically assigned for new federation’s members. Current members that are in lower than 4th division will also be able to get help from “teachers”.
  • A season ago we invited game members to discuss about the “fun” feature of federations:
    The most desired update appeared to be: direction of federation. Also, some members suggested to postpone this update after inclusion of the new game’s design - to work on design and the new mobile version first. We would like to know you opinion on this suggestion.
  • These are the last jobs planned to work on before starting to work seriously on game’s design.

We wish everyone good luck in the 61st season!

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