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Season 60 - U18 Tournament
Article written by: CcBraga


Host: Lithuania
Lithuania is the host of the U18 tournament and will fight against China for the title.

1st Round
Argentina, United States, Lithuania and China won their groups.
A good performance of the U18 Germany (managed by RaZeev) In group A that almost finished 2nd in the group and by Serbia and his platinum ranked manager xeedas1 in group D that almost qualified to the next phase.
After the fantastic performance with Jamaica U16 last season, this time the Spanish U18 manager BF_Barsello could not win against Russia and Australia and did not make to pass to the 2nd round in group B, this was a huge disappointment because they where one of the favorites to advance to the playoffs.

2nd Round
United States did not make to advance to the next phase, Philippines and Latvia did advance to the playoff with Lithuania and Italy.
RaZeev one more time did good job and put Germany in the playoffs and left Russia and Australia outside and they followed Argentina, China and France to the playoffs.

Lithuania, China and France didn’t have difficulties in reaching the semifinal, and in the other game Italy beat Argentina by 4 points

Lithuania and China reached the final with no problems beating France and Italy.

Lithuania started very well but then China turn the game to their side in the intermediated quarters, teams entered tied to the last quarter but China won making 8-2 in the last 2 minutes of the game


 1 place China xiong China World league 2.2
 2 place Lithuania


Lithuania World league 2.1
  3 place Italy 打酱油的国王 China World league 3.2
 8 place Germany RaZeev Germany World league 4.4

Relegation to U18-2
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Norway

MVP of U21 tournament

Zen Zhu
Team: China
19 Points; 24 ranking; 24 minutes; 9 Rebounds; 1 assist

Team of the tournament
Position Name Country Club Height
PG Sāo Jiě China Xiǎo mài yī dà duì 168 cm
SG Dao Bao China Forever 200 cm
SF Zhun Fen China wudiwen Youth 209 cm
PF Po Yi China Měi nǚ yǔ dà xiàng 212 cm
C Zen Zhu China Shandong Gold Lions 214 cm

Individual Statistics Leaders
Description Player M.P. Avg Country Club
Ranking Saliamonas Kaulius 13 35,3 Lithuania Ballers Youth
Points Saliamonas Kaulius 13 27 Lithuania Ballers Youth
Rebounds Borenko Penezić 11 11,4 Serbia Osice
Assists Momsilo Šoštar 11 8,5 Serbia BC Žūsės
Steals Sāo Jiě 13 10,1 China Xiǎo mài yī dà duì
Blocks Fermin Roca 13 2,1 Argentina san francis cba

Team Statistics
Description Team Avg
Ranking China 98,0
Points China 127,2
Rebounds United States 38,9
Assists Lithuania 19,8
Steals China 19,5
Blocks France 8,2

Final comments
China won the 60 season U18 tournament in a tied final against Lithuania
Highlight the brilliant performance of China and his manager xiong for the winning of the third championship in a row, last season he won with China U21 and in the season 58 with China Men.

Season 60 - U18-2 Tournament
Host: Sweden

1st Round
Ireland, Nederland, Estonia and Jamaica won their groups with no surprises.
The host Sweden finished 4th behind Hungary and did not make the 2nd round

2nd Round
Not much to say about the 2nd round, Estonia and Netherlands won their groups.

Estonia, Jamaica, Finland and Netherlands reached the semi-final and got the promotion.

Jamaica was better than Estonia and won the title.

 1 place Jamaica HBK92 Lithuania World League.5.1
 2 place Estonia


Lithuania World League.4.3
  3 place Netherlands Stabilo3 Lithuania World League.6.14
 7 place Hungary vektor555 Hungary World League.4.1

Promotion to U18 Relegated
  • Cameroon
  • Puerto Rico
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
Final comments
No surprise in the firsts places of the table.
The disappointment was the relegation of Japan managed by the British bananajohn.

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 4.4 World league 4.8 a-ramune -- Game's news: U18 tournament review -- 2017-10-12

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