Federations. Plans and ideas. (2017-10-06 20:08:17)

As promised, we want to share our further plans and ideas related with federations.

We have already planned a few federations’ features that we want to realize before starting to work on other tasks. We also want to realize one additional feature that we will select after consulting with game members.
After these planned features are included into the game we plan to stop working on other areas and focus on updating game’s design and mobile version. We expect that federations and their communities will allow us to appoint more time for game’s development.

Planned updates for the nearest future:

  • Possibility for federation’s president to spend federation’s credits. All federation’s members will see information of credits’ usage.
  • Possibility for federation’s president to send mass message to federation’s members, for example, once a week. This way president will be able to invite members for discussion, inform about contests, etc.
  • Next to current volunteers’ areas add one more - for validation of players’ nicknames.
  • Include at least minimum teachers’ system that will provide help to new federation’s members.
Updates related with federations that can be realized only AFTER inclusion of the new game’s design:
  • Possibility for federation’s community to choose desired format of national leagues that will be used by all federation’s countries.
  • Totally new system of trades. Instead of punishments, trades will be withdrawn. All trades will be supervised by the united team containing volunteers from different federations.
Updates related with federations that we would like to realize in near future (we hope we will be able to realize one of them):
  • Possibility for federation’s community to choose part of day when home matches should take place. Probably, this feature will be more actual for game members that are not from Europe. It would allow to play and follow home matches on more convenient time for users from all continents.
  • Possibility to choose “direction” of federation. It could be changed every few seasons. Final list and % of bonuses will be adjusted after discussion with game members:
    • Searching for talents - federation members receive 10% bonus (bigger chances) when searching for talents.
    • Raising talents - federation members receive some bonus in young players’ (up to 25 year-old) training.
    • Finances’ sector - federation teams receive some bonus from sponsors.
  • Presently players give some “loyalty” advantage for their native country when choosing the best offer in the market. It could be removed and replaced by “border fee” (the right title should be found). Player’s “loyalty” advantage would depend on:
                           A sum of: the fee determined by player’s federation and the fee determined by club’s federation
    In the beginning the default fee would be such that situation would remain the same as it is now. Federations would be able to increase or decrease it. If it is increased, federation’s teams would have better conditions to keep local players but it would be more difficult to sign contracts with players from other federations.
  • Tasks for federations. Administration (maybe the system automatically) could create tasks for federations with determined “reward”. If federation accomplishes task, it receives the indicated reward. For example:
    • Achieve a number of X active users. Reward: 10 000 credits
    • Write an article and interview the best (most perspective) federation’s teams. Reward: 3 000 credits
    • Win medals in Men national teams’ tournament. Reward ...
    • etc.

We are waiting for opinions from game members - which of the above mentioned features you would like to see in federations in near future.

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