Federations’ update and nearest plans (2017-10-02 01:16:54)


Some of game members already noticed few small updates that were included over the past few weeks:
  • Two weeks  ago volunteer’s page was updated (it can be reached from Federation - Volunteers page). It contains information about all actions done by volunteer.
  • A week ago new page was included: Federation - Statistics. It contains federation’s main statistics that is updated weekly - number of members, etc.
Today one more update has been included - from now federation’s volunteers will be encouraged with credits. Credits will be automatically transferred on Sunday evenings.
Every federation will get some amount of credits. It will be calculated this way:
                    Number of active federation’s users * 2
If federation is working well, it may get additional bonuses. Presently bonuses are these:
  • +15% if number of active users in federation (that logged in over the last week) was bigger than before
  • If not only the number of active users increased but also the total number of federation users increased - instead of +15% the bonus is +30%
  • -15% if number of not reviewed validations increased
  • Bonuses are given only if number of federation countries hasn’t changed.
In the future we plan to decrease amount of credits given in other areas of the game and give more credits to federations. For example, federation itself will be able to decide what award (in credits) should be paid for achievements in National teams’ tournaments.
Allocation of credits is fully managed by federations presidents:
  • In Federation volunteers’ page the president can indicate volunteers that won’t get rewards this week.
  • In the new page of Federation’s finances the president can determine what part of income will be transferred to volunteers of each area and what part will go to federation’s budget.
Number of volunteers in some cases may be big, so federation’s president can decide to encourage only few most active volunteers or volunteers only of some area that required the most attention.
Federation’s president can also choose another alternative - transfer all income to federation’s budget and afterwards encourage the best volunteer by transferring him bigger reward. Or federation’s budget may be saved and later used for some other goals of the federation.
In Federation’s finances page users can see amount of savings in federation’s budget and weekly allocation of income.
Future plans related with federations:
  • Publish article in news with fun federations’ features that could be included and together with all game members decide which of them should be realized
  • Enable federation’s president to use federation credits’ savings
  • Enable other game members to see where and how federation’s savings are used
  • Transfer validation of players’ nicknames to federations (earlier it was done by administration but recently it was a bit abandoned)
  • Transfer the ‘system of teachers’ to federations.

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Lithuania 3.2 World league 3.4 a-ramune -- Game's news: Federations’ update and nearest plans -- 2017-10-02

Updates included in the system of federations. Volunteers will get credits. More information in news! -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Portugal 1.1 World league 4.8 CcBraga -- 2017-10-03
[quote]Finland 1.1 World league 2.1 Zorro -- 2017-10-02
what about common leagues in federation?[/quote]

What would happen in that case?
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Lithuania 3.2 World league 3.4 a-ramune -- 2017-10-03
In this case president's election will start anew. Federation will not be closed.

In the nearest future we will write news article about future game's improvements. We will be able to discuss new features and improvements there.
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Norway 2.2 World league 7.28 Optimistas -- 2017-10-03
Pamačiau naujieną su tiek daug komentarų, tai pamaniau, kad kažkas įdomaus, įdomi diskusija užvirė, bet kas tau, galus jie čia matuojasi.. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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