The first Cup of EBF (2018-07-19 21:45:21)

Article written by: RaZeev

In Season 64 the European Basketball Federation organized its first EBF-Cup, using the friendly games at the end of the season for self-organized games. 

16 teams of the Federation (that currently unites players from 15 different European countries) participated in the Cup. At the start, all the teams were seeded according to their strength ranking and then each played four rounds according to a similar bracket system as it is, for example, in Tennis or NCAA’s “March Madness”. 
The tournament was played with the lower seeded team (of each game) playing in the home court - to make the games more interesting. A small prize pot was established for the winners of 1st (200 credits), 2nd (150 credits) and 3rd (100 credits) places, as well as for the biggest surprise of the tournament (100 credits). 

With the active participation of all the teams, nearly all the games took place as planned, leading to the following winners after four rounds of game action (Full standings can be found here:

1. RaZeev - Dresden Hunters
2. Zorro - The Mask
3. Artemix - LZS OSOLIN 

The biggest surprises: 

The idea for this Cup originally came from Artemix of LZS OSOLIN, who also took 3rd place in the tournament – in a short interview he shared his opinion about the first EBF-Cup:

Question: How did you get the idea for a Federation Cup? What did you expect from this?
Answer: The tight schedule of league and international games practically limits the possibility of playing with members of the federation. Therefore, the idea of the Federation Cup allows both for joint rivalry with the countries of the federation and the integration of all members. It is worth adding that in countries where there are very few national teams, the idea of the Federation Cup makes the game more attractive.

Q: You took the 3rd place out of 16 teams. Are you satisfied with your performance? 
A: Of course, it was max of my team power.

Q: How did you like the organization? Is there something that you would do differently with the next Cup?
A: The organization of the tournament was perfect. Full information about the following steps in carrying out the cup. Big thanks for RaZeev.

Q: Do you think this Cup, such as it took place, could be something for other federations to copy?
A: Of course. The perfect organization of the cup is ideal for copying for other federations. However, the administration should cope with some of the organizational problems (for example, allowing a mutual cancelling of wrongly planned friendly matches).

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