Financial support

Financial support is welcome. The easiest way to do it is by clicking on the Donate button below (you will be able to transfer money using your account in PayPal - system for payments over the internet).

If you do not have an account in PayPal, you can easily create it using your credit card. If you can not use PayPal, write to [email protected] and we'll try to find other ways.

We ask our supporters to write a personal message in game for user a-darius (telling that you supported BasketballZone). We are going to make some surprises for our supporters.

Establishing prizes

Various contests take place in the game. At the moment prizes are only virtual but we would like to cheer our players with real items. We would be very glad if there is someone who would like to support us by providing prizes for our players.

Support the game by popularizing it

If you would like to support improvement of the game, you could help popularizing it. You could write about us in your webpage or blog, tell friends, advertise in social net or some other way.

Pictures that might be used when popularizing the game:

BasketballZone   BasketballZone  

BasketballZone   BasketballZone  
BasketballZone   BasketballZone