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Именной игрок Dargaudas Jarašius

191 КС

Возраст: 34 г.

Рост: 209 см

flag The Onions

Логотип команды team-jerseys-front team-jerseys-back
Местное название: Cibuliai
Менеджер: a-ramune
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R. Dubauskas

Очки: 18,8


Š. Pivoriūnas

Подборы: 10,0


C. Orcajo

Передачи: 5,2


Активность 2021-04-18 19:55
Страна flag Lithuania
Федерация Lithuanian Basketball Federation
Краткое название клуба Onions (Onio)
Управляемый ранее клуб Cibuliai(Closed) (1 - 46 сез.)
Школа баскетбола Onions Школа баскетбола
Молодёжная команда The Onions Youth


Самые сильные в игре 358 ( место в рейтингах)
Сильнейшие в нац. лиге 7 ( место в рейтингах)
Сильнейшие в межд. лиге 15 ( место в рейтингах)
Средний КС 224
Клуб фанов 539
Рейтинг фанов 360 ( место в рейтингах)
Рейтинг поп. в междунар. лиге 7 ( место в рейтингах)
Имидж 6/7
Мнение персонала 6/7


Средства спонсоров за неделю 64309 Eu
Максимальная сумма зарплат персонала 210234 Eu
Уровень ограничений обменов 7 (История)
Количество всех обменов 1
Число обменов за сезон 0
Всего побед/сыгранных матчей 552/1101 50%
Побед/сыграно в этом сезоне 3/6 50%
Количество заемных игроков 6 (Статистика)
Новости игры: Economic model of BasketPulse
-- 16:32
Answers to the most frequent questions related with the game's economics.
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This post sums up to "nothing is wrong with the games financial system" Which is odd because there are massive problems with the game financial system.

A WL3 teams is handed 18K more in sponsor revenue (minimum) than a WL4 team. That is a massive advantage. An advantage that helps keep a WL3 team where they are and is a barrier to a WL4 advancing.

I hear all these complaints about "giving away money" when a large amount of the income of every team is sponsor money "just given to them". The game has just decided to give more sponsor money to some teams as opposed to others.

Narrow the gap in sponsor money between the leagues. That will increase competition and teams will move between leagues more effectively. Going up won't be a crushing jump in competition and going down won't be a financial death sentence.
-- 19:02
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In general, I agree with the financial model that is being applied.
It also seems to me that what Evinelis proposed could be a good improvement.
-- 20:09
-- (Переводить) (Переводить EN)
Great detailed response, agree with the suggestion, special "loyalty feature" would be interesting though shouldn't be at the top of the priority list :) -- 20:12
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Новости игры: Overview of 80th season
-- 04-11
Overview of 80th season in News! Also the new BasketPulse News episode!
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On hosting of next Men tournament - only Spain, Argentina and Lithuania had responded to the contest to win hosting rights on season 82. During this season, all 3 federations will be given tasks to complete and the best performing federation will be given the rights to host the Men NT while 2nd place will host u18 youth tournament. -- 04-12
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I'm glad to help Taiwan win a title with National Men squad and bring them up to top division. :) -- 04-12
-- (Переводить) (Переводить EN)
Thank you!! I'm glad to join this game and recommend to Taiwanese. -- 04-13
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Icon Игрок: Švitrigaila Kurmelis (КС: 175)
-- 04-12
Игрок переведен в Молодежную команду
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Новости игры: Plans of updating match engine
-- 04-06
Plans of the Match engine update!
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Adding to nofixations post: Allow setting switching to different tactics based on parameters such as down by x points, or a critical player has foul trouble, etc. If you add 3 new tactics, the chances to correctly call the counter to opponent will be quite low. Base the actual changes on coaches skills -- 04-08
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It would be great if fatigue system was updated as it does not make sense 8 players are enough to finish the season without any problem, considering their health is 100%. -- 04-12
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Only 8? You can do fine with 6 players in WL1 if you have read help section around 500 times. -- 04-12
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