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Lithuania 2.1 2.1 cactusjack -- Icon Mainai/Žaidėjų skolinimas -- 11-06

All of these players are available for trade next season. Mainly looking for 22-25 year old players in return for some, even younger for others. Nothing above that age, unless for salary/RT matching purposes.

> (very good 3 and D player)
> (getting a nice improvement jump, lowpost SF/PF)
> (low RT, trained very well, true floor general)
> (201cm PG with some range, getting an improvement jump)
> (cheap low-post SG, good on defense)

Can add younger players.
-- (Versti) (Versti EN)
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Lithuania 2.1 2.1 cactusjack -- 11-08
Walsteijn and Ausiukas are taken. -- (Versti) (Versti EN)
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