DNP player comes into play as an 'important' player

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DNP player comes into play as an 'important' player

Post by superdzonis » 2018-3-6 16:04 ... 884581.htm

Three bigs fouled out, instead of proposing some interesting rotation, like Qun as PF, Ribeiro as C, the game puts a 145RT center at C position even if he was set at DNP. All 8 points in the 'important' time period from opponents come over that C.

Could you reming us, what the DNP setting is for?

Proof of DNP -

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Re: DNP player comes into play as an 'important' player

Post by a-darius » 2018-7-18 16:18

It seems that sometimes players with DNP were substituted IN as "the best player".
This was happening in such situations:
DNP Player with the first position is PF
If there are no other players with the first position PF, the DNP player sometimes was substituted into the court.

Thanks to superdzonis and TheCoach for the information!

It is very difficult to "re-produce" this bug, so I can`t be 100% sure. But I believe that I was finally able to fix it.

Please report if I am wrong and this bug repeats in the future.
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