Signing contract with youths

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Signing contract with youths

Post by wraiTh » 2018-6-27 08:22

Hello guys,

Rarely appears a good player from scouting with 0 eur financing, i think all new teams can't afford to finance scouting. And here we go, we get not too bad players, we grow them till 18 years old, and if we don't have youth team, we supposed to say bye bye for them, because to sign 18 year old player costs from 5000eur per week. In my opinion it's quite unfair, because actually a player is still on a growth, and quite useless for at least 2 years, and if you don't have youth team, it is not possible to keep him.

Dear creators,

I suggest to think about it, and maybe reduce their signing price:
For example: to sign for 3 seasons (actually would be 2 seasons) make price like for young player, who interested to stay in team, and grow for the main team, for price like 1500-2000eur, and if you want to sign the player like for 4-6 seasons, then the price may be much higher, because actually you believe in his grow, and his potential. In another hand, after those 2 seasons, maybe team will go up with finances and could afford to pay more, if player will still be in need.

Please to make impact in this thing, because i bumped into this, and it's really sad to lose better young players, just because you don't have youth team...

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