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Flag Horacijus Inokaitis

Majestics Basketball school
Personal information
Age:   14 y.
Height:   177 cm.
Position:   PG
Among Contemporaries:   PF
Nationality:   lithuanian
Strength rate:   37
Potential:   Acceptable (6)
Shape:   Excellent preparation
Health:   90%
Athletic skill:   2
Defence:   2
Offence:   2
Accuracy:   3

#TOP 100   by RT in age and country group
#TOP 1000   by RT in age group

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Lithuania 3.2 4.5 Kovine gal -- Icon Trade/Lending players: Kovine gal & Majestics -- 08-21

Team made a trade offer -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Show hidden replies: 4
Fair play committee -- 08-23
Trade has been reverted by the "Fair play" committee -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Fair play committee -- 08-23
The Fair play committee decided that the trade is unfair and teams are given a warning. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
Fair play committee -- 08-25
How the Fair Play Committee members voted:
- volunteers voted "Revert and punish": 4
- volunteers voted "Revert": 6
- volunteers voted "Fair": 1

These reasons were chosen by the volunteers during voting:
2 - Significantly unfair to other users (for example, when strong and cheap player is moved to lower division).
6 - Overuse of disbalanced trades. Players' trade somehow has to benefit both teams (financially, in respect of team composition, etc). Good but expensive player can be traded to a bit worse but cheaper player. This type of trade can not be overused.

2 - Other reasons. Volunteers wrote explanations:
--- Quite an unbalanced trade, Kovine recieves a 14 y pot 8 player and an extra player in exchange for a 17 y pot 5 player. Leaning to revert and warn
--- 5pot player trader for two higher potential players is not balanced deal
-- (Translate) (Translate EN)

Lithuania 6.28 5.6 Majestics -- Icon Player: Horacijus Inokaitis (RT: 37) -- 08-14

Club signed contract with scout's player -- (Translate) (Translate EN)

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