Player's trades


This page contains information about the virtual game's character. Any coincidences with the real people (name, surname or other information) are accidental and unintended.

Date Sender Recipient Out In More details
23-10-09 17:03 HK Monarch Avengers Tautvilas Lietas (27 y.; 355 RT)
Amir Marcinkowski (16 y.; 92 RT)
Pvel Vodopianov (28 y.; 470 RT)
More details
23-05-19 22:13 Big Dipper Celtics Zi Bin (20 y.; 238 RT)
Zhan Pǔ (20 y.; 213 RT)
Run Liáng (17 y.; 107 RT)
Pvel Vodopianov (26 y.; 466 RT)
More details