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As it is usual, we start season’s overview with the strongest game’s league: World league 1.1
Third season in a row league’s finalists are the same - experienced game’s member CP Company (manager: gedunex) and team wudiwen (manager: gpmike).
Though these teams dominate in the game already for a while, neither of them is TOP5  strongest team. CP Company is 6th according to strength ranking and wudiwen is only 16th.
In the third series’ match CP Company team won the away match and got a step further in the fight for gold medals. Finally they won the series with result 3-1 and became the champions for the 6th time in the history.
Another Chinese team Wǒ bù pà tried to win their first medals but finally bronze medals were taken by MeetSharers team.

U18 tournament didn’t bring big surprises. Medals were won by the best ranking teams:
1. China - manager cagezheng
2. Lithuania - manager Paulius7
3. Argentina - manager Ruben Magnano
Lately Argentina worked well looking for new talents ant the results are obvious - it is the first medal for this national team.

Men national teams' tournament ended with very interesting matches for gold and bronze.
As it is usual, Lithuania and China played in the final. China's team was playing at home and had better ranking, so it was definitely a favourite to win the gold medal. However, after a tense match the first place was won by Lithuania's team with result: 74 - 78
Argentina and France were fighting for the bronze medal. With the result 73 - 67 bronze medals went to Argentina, that overtook higher ranked France and Italy teams. It was the 7th tournament in a row without medals for France team. It was the 3rd bronze match for France but all of them were unsuccessful.
1. Lithuania - manager superdzonis
2. China - manager david1992
3. Argentina - manager marcos_rubio

We can congratulate Argentina for great performance in both tournaments. Argentina became one of the top teams and it seems that it is going to stay here for a long time.

Jobs done in 62nd season:

  • In the end of 62nd season prizes for national teams’ achievements were changed
    • Prizes that were given until now weren’t fair. Big communities always get discounts for game’s features for winning the medals. Meanwhile small communities do not have such opportunities.
    • Thus these prizes will not be awarded anymore. Only national teams’ managers will be awarded with credits. In the future we want to create a system that would raise goals for each team and prizes would be given for realizing them.
    • We plan to award the current discounts for federations that work very well.
  • Big part of the last season was devoted for optimizing game’s database. While working on it we also identified many other internal issues in the game and we will try to solve them, too.
  • Also last season we intensively communicated with designers about the new game’s design. We already found a person who plans to start working with the game’s design in the second half of March. We will not guess how long it may take to prepare the new design but we will share information about the progress.
  • In the end of the season we also prepared recommendations for federations’ presidents. These messages will be sent all season long over private messages. We hope that it will help to encourage less active federations.
  • Federation presidents will be able to send 2 messages in a week  (until now they could send one message a week)
  • Adjustments at prolonging contracts in advance. Sometimes players used to prolong contracts for much smaller salary. This raised various problems. For example, the sum that owner pays for lent player could become negative.
  • There was a bug due to which “the biggest surprise” awards in national leagues were determined incorrectly. This bug was found and fixed, so it shouldn’t appear in other tournaments.
  • Starting with the new (63rd) season players’ shape will be restored to excellent in the beginning of each season. This way losses that may appear for limited market players due to bad training will be decreased. You can read the whole discussion here: http://www.bballzone.net/forum/limited-market-caveat-t13437.html

Plans for 63rd season:
  • Possibility for federations to arrange early president election if the current president has not logged into the game for a week
  • Continue working on the new game’s design
  • Continue working on improving game’s stability and updating the internal game’s system
  • Starting with 64th season a new fee for rich clubs will be included. It will be paid by clubs that do not use sponsors’ funds for achieving better results but accumulate them and save big amounts of money. Currently we have 122 teams in the game that have more than a million euros in their budgets.
    This inclusion of the fee will help new users to advance through divisions faster and will help reducing financial differences between teams.
    Each world league`s division will have max allowed limit for team’s savings:
        1 division - 4 millions
        2 division - 2 millions
        3 division - 1 million
        4 division - 700 000
        5 division - 500 000
        6 division - 300 000
        7-8 division - 200 000
    In the beginning of season teams will pay taxes depending on their world league and sum of money they have. Each season such teams will pay up to 20% of savings they have until they reach the above determined limits. 
    In 64th season max tax will be 2% from team`s budget. Each next season the tax limit will be doubled until it reaches 20% in the 69th season.
    More information may be found here: http://www.bballzone.net/forum/maximum-limit-of-total-savings-to-be-included-from-64th-s-t13440.html

We wish everyone a good season!

Refresh press conferences

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Read the overview of 62nd season in news!
Good luck in the new season!
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