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Season 59 - U21 Tournament
Article written by: CcBraga


Croatia hosted the U21 tournament and the battle for the title should have been between mainly China and Lithuania.

1st Round
France, Italy, Lithuania and China won their own groups with no surprises in the qualified teams, just a note to Jamaica who finished 2nd above the 3rd Germany.
The group D was very interesting, Argentina one of the toughest team almost failed the qualification beaten by Latvia and finished with the same points as Venezuela and United Kingdom.
The Host Croatia finished last in group B where Malaysia managed by MantasG was a good surprise and almost qualified to the 2nd round.

2nd Round
Lithuania and China won their groups easily.
Argentina and his manager mancuso once again had a lot of difficulties but this time wasn’t enough to advance to the play-off.
In group B Latvia and Norway advanced to the playoffs eliminating Ukraine and Germany.
In the Relegation groups United Kingdom had the major achievement beating Russia and escaping to the relegation, condemning Russia to accompany Croatia, Hong Kong and Turkey to the relegation.

Lithuania, China, France and Italy complied with their obligations and advanced to the semifinal, even that Latvia did a great job against Italy in a very tight match but it wasn’t enough.

Lithuania and China did what was supposed to do and they reached the final.

China won the final against Lithuania in the overtime in an exciting match where in the final minutes China took the advantage and won the game.


 1 place China xiong China World league 2.2
 2 place Lithuania


Lithuania World league 2.1
  3 place Italy dibi74 Italy World league 3.2
 13 place Venezuela owidux Lithuania World league 2.1
H 22 place Croatia sadas29 Lithuania World league 4.4

Relegation to U21-2 Statistics

MVP of U21 tournament

Yīng mù Chì
Team: China
15 Points; 22 ranking; 23 minutes; 8 Rebounds; 1 assist

Team of the tournament
Position Name Country Club Height
PG Zisis Papargyriou Greece supers Youth 190 cm
SG Koon Yuen Ma Hong Kong bigshoes Youth 191 cm
SF Lukas Lee Canada BC-Gaveniai 204 cm
PF Dragan Bender Croatia VEF Rīga Youth 216 cm
C Yīng mù Chì China The Answer 215 cm

Final comments
China won the 59 season U21 tournament in a final against Lithuania and Italy got the 3rd place in the winning his game against France.
Highlight the good performance of Latvia, Jamaica, MalaysiaVenezuela and Spain and the awful performance of Argentina and Russia.

Season 59 - U21-2 Tournament

1st Round
Ireland and Japan beat the favorites Australia and Brazil respectively winning their groups. Hungary did not make to the 2nd round - they were beat by Ireland and Finland.

2nd Round
This time Australia and Brazil won the groups and Austria failed to qualify to the playoff.
In the relegation group Bulgaria, Uruguay, Mexico and Zimbabwe were not saved from relegation.

Ireland was the big surprise and beat both Serbia and Australia to reach the final and Brazil had a hard time to beat Slovenia and reach the final.

Brazil beat easily Ireland in the final of the U21-2 tournament.

 1 place Brazil Mavro Lithuania World League.4.4
 2 place Ireland


Lithuania World League.5.8
  3 place Slovenia Vytiokas Lithuania World League.4.7
 5 place Finland Zorro Finland World League.2.1

Promotion to U21 Relegation to U21-3
  • Bulgaria
  • Zimbabwe
  • Uruguay
  • Mexico
Final comments
Ireland and his manager ColeR were the big surprise qualifying to the final and reaching the promotion only beaten by Brazil in the final. Finland had a great result as well finishing in 5th place.
Brazil started not so good but then they made the good way and they got the tittle.

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Lithuania 3.2 World league 3.4 a-ramune -- Game's news: U21 tournament review -- 2017-08-30

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Poland did a good and normal tournament! -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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