League's information (World League.7.55)

Description   Value
Title:   World League.7.55
Senior league:   World League.6.28
Minor league:   World League.8.109
Minor league:   World League.8.110
Limit of foreign players:   No limits
League's sponsor:   GetJar
Strength:   50 RT
Sum of sponsorship:   304.000 Eu
Sum given to every club:   9.500 Eu
Average league clubs' income from match:   3.167 Eu
Minimum salaries' sum for league's clubs:   0 Eu
Maximum salaries' sum for league's clubs:   63.000 Eu
First season:   17 S
Division:   7
Subgroup:   55
Amount of savings that clubs are allowed to have:   200.000 Eu