Lithuania Men

! On the first week of the season users can run as candidates for positions of National teams' managers. If user wants to run as candidate later, it costs more credits.
On the second week of the season users vote for the candidates. Voting is available for country's users that have paper or higher rank. Users can vote for one candidate only.
If National team wins one of the awards, all users that pariticipated in the voting receive prizes.
** - users that are candidates to positions in several countries. If the same user is voted to be the manager of few countries' National teams, he will manage the team that is higher in strength ranking. Second place winners will manage the other teams (where the first manager was also elected). Mouse over the asterisks will display a list of countries where user is a candidate.
More information about the National teams may be found in help.
Team Press conferences Votes Status
User: Golden evinelis (Ukrinų „Mėšk Žviers“) Lietuva 1 World league 1 Sveiki visi, pabandysiu ir aš kandidatuoti į šias pareigas. Manau, kad jau pribrendau kaip strategas vadovauti mūsų rinktinei. Užteks tikėtis, kad kas kitas atneš mums auksą, reikia ir pačiam pabandyt.. 160 Elected
User: JiPPN (ProPatriaNeuville-en-Ferrain ) ** ! France 2.1 World league 5.14 I want to represent your country because I think it's one of the better team in the world! 7 Not elected
User: Silver rupulas (NEDAZOMAS) Lietuva 3.3 World league 3.2 Sveiki. Pirma karta treniravau rinktine padedant gerbiamam Mirzai. Tada finale pralaimejom stipriai kinijai. Norim pakartoti ta pati kelia, tik jau kaip nugaletojai!!!! 13 Not elected